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Kofloc D8500 Series Mass Flow Meter

D8500 mass flow controller/meter driven by a 24 VDC power supply has been developed as a successor to the MODEL8300.

The viewpoint change function of the display unit and the pattern setting function are unique to this model, and noise resistance has been improved dramatically. A sister model with a detachable display and setting unit is also available.


  • The high-lift actuator allows this compact model to control a large flow rate.
  • Equipped with a display and setting unit, this model can be operated by a 24 VDC power supply.
  • The RS232C/RS485 communication function and integration function are provided as standard equipment.
  • The 14-bit converter permits to display and operation in 4-1/2 digits.
  • Control of the flow rate of inflammable gas is possible because the heat generating part of the sensor is not exposed to the gas.
  • There are no limitations to the mounting position that may be employed.
  • In addition to the SV setting, five other patterns can be set.
  • Auto zero and auto close functions are also standard.


Sensor type Thermal sensor
Valve type Normally closed solenoid valve
Applicable gases*1 N2, Air, H2, He, Ar, O2, CO2, etc.
Gases not specifically mentioned here are subject to calibration for N2 equivalent.)
Flow range*2 50 SCCM to 5 SLM and Over 5 SLM-20 SLM
Control range 2 to 100% (F.S.)
Response*3 0–100% F.S. or more within 2 sec. *1
0–below 10% F.S. within 4 sec. *1
Accuracy*4 ±1.0%F.S. *2 (50 SCCM to 5 SLM) and ±1.5%F.S. *2(Over 5 SLM-20 SLM)
Repeatability ±0.75%F.S.
Operating differential pressure*5 50–300 kPa (G) (50 SCCM to 5 SLM) and 100–300 kPa (G)(Over 5 SLM-20 SLM)
Inlet maximum pressure 500kPa(G)or less
Proof pressure 1000kPa(G)
External leak rate 1.0 x 10-8 Pa·m3/sec or less *3
Temperature Working temp. 5 to 45℃
Allowable operating humidity 10 to 90% RH (without dew condensation)
Materials of the gas contact part SUS316L, PTFE, and magnetic stainless steel
Electrical connection D-sub 9-pin, KFC standard (SEMI standard compliant), RJ-45 modular jacks (two)
Flow rate setting signal 0 to 5 V DC (input impedance approx. 1 MΩ)
Flow rate output signal 0 to 5 V DC (load resistance 10 KΩ)
Digital communication Address setting with RS485 rotary switch: up to 99 devices (9600 bps)
Required power supply (DC) +15 V DC (±5%), 150 mA; -15 V DC (±5%), 150 mA
Joint 1/4 SWL, RC1/4, 1/4 VCR
Mounting posture Not specified
Weight Approx. 1000 g

(*1) The time required to reach the control flow ±2% F.S. from the fully closed state

(*2) With the standard pressure of 200 kPa (G) and the standard temperature of 20℃

(*3) Permeation is not included. The leakage by prolonged permeation shall not exceed 1 × 106 Pa・m3/sec.

(*4) The units of measurement vary with the full-scale flow. E.g.: With 1 SLM, the flows can be added up to 9999 9999 9.999 L.

(5) For other joints, please contact us. (6) The weight may slightly vary depending on the joint. (*7) These apply to the D8500MC mass flow controller.

More info and price please contact marketing@wmablog.com

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