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Brainchild DL200 Piping Controller

 DL200 is a data logger that can connect up to 247 Network Temperature Controllers Model NC200. This unit can write all commands and read all data to and from each Network Temperature Controller Model NC200 after equipping the unit with an HMI or PC via RS-232 port. The unit provides a dry contact which will be closed when one or more of the Network Temperature Controllers Model NC200 are outside of high and low limits or hardware failure occurs.

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  • 90~250 VAC, 47~63 Hz, 3VA, 1W maximum


  • Alarm Relay: Form A, Rating 2A/240VAC, life cycles 200,000 for resistive load.
  • Alarm Function: low alarm or high alarm or hardware failure or sensor break occurs for any unit on line.
  • Alarm Indicator: Red color


  • Master Side: RS-232
  • Slave Side: RS-422

Data Communication

Data CommunicationMaster Side
ProtocolModbus Protocol RTU Mode
Address20 (fixed)
Baud Rate38.4 Kbits/sec
Data Bit8 bits
Parity BitEven
Stop Bit1 bit
Reading Speed60ms for reading one word of data for 100 units,
480ms for reading 4 words of data for 200 units.


Data CommunicationSlave Side
InterfaceDifferential driver/receiver
ProtocolProprietary protocol
Baud Rate92.16 Kbits/sec
Reading Speed4ms/unit (reading 14 words per unit )
Writing Speed3.5 ms for writing 10 words
1.5 ms for writing 1 word.

Environmental & Physical

Operating Temperature-10°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature-40°C ~ 60°C
Humidity0 ~ 90 % RH ( non-condensing )
Altitude2000m maximum
Insulation Resistance20 Mohms min. ( at 500 VDC )
Dielectric Strength2300 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 minute
Vibration Resistance10 - 55 Hz, 10 m/s² for 2 hours
Shock Resistance200 m/s2 ( 20 g )
Dimensions102.5 (L) X 80 (W) X 30 (H) mm
Weight120 grams

Approval Standards

  • Safety: EN61010-1
  • Protective Class: IP 20
  • EMC: EN61326

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