Delta Elektrogas LD, LDM Tightness Control Device

The LD/LDM tightness control device is designed to verify the absence of inadmissible leaks in gas trains composed by automatic shutoff valves. The check can be performed before the ignition of the gas burner or after its stop. This device is used in industrial firing processes and in forced draught burners, when power is higher than 1200 kW, according to EN 746-2 and EN 676.

Delta Elektrogas LDM


  • Microcontroller technology
  • Easy-to-see status of the device through high visibility LEDs
  • Easy accessible reset button
  • Adjustable test time to meet the plant needs
  • Adjustable test instant
  • Available Ex-proof version with metal enclosure for installation in Zone 2 and 22 (ATEX)
  • Available with integrated pressure switches and/or integrated auxiliary valves
  • Designed and manufactured according to EN 1643


Voltage230VAC 50/60Hz
110-120VAC 50/60Hz
24V DC
Voltage tolerance-15% / +10%
Power absorption10 VA (1W for 24V DC)
Integrated valves 2x21 VA
Ambient temperature-15°C / +60°C
EnclosureIP54 (LD)
IP65 (LDM)
Cable glandPG9 for cable Ø6 / 8 mm
PG16 for cable Ø10 / 12 mm
ISO 4400 plug PG11 for cable Ø8 / 10 mm
Wires cross-section2,5 mm2 max
5 A (slow-acting)
Output signals5 A max. resistive
2 A max. inductive
Reset signalapplying mains voltage
Test period10 s / 90 s adjustable
Filling/ Discharge time3 s
Max. Working pressure500 mbar (50 kPa)
ConnectionsRp 1/4
Gas typeNon-aggressive gases included in the 1, 2 and 3 families (EN 437)
Integrated pressure switchComply with EN 1854
Integrated solenoid valvesComply with a EN 161, class A
WeightLD1 450 gr
LDM2 1200 gr
LD3 1600 gr
LDM4 2100 gr

Download Datasheet: Delta Elektrogas LD-LDM

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