Fluidwell B Series Flow indicator

Fluidwell B series | Fluidwheel Flow Indicator | Fluid wheel Level Control

The B-Series is a basic field mount indicator with all the benefits you may expect from a Fluidwell product: Durable, reliable and very easy to operate. Nothing more, nothing less. We have 4 models of B-series :

  • B-Basic is a local indicator to display the actual flow rate, total and accumulated total. The total can be reset to zero by pressing the CLEAR button twice. On-screen engineering units are easily configured from a comprehensive selection.
  • B-Alert is a flow rate indicator and totalizer with a continuous flow rate monitoring feature. It offers the facility to set one low flow rate and one high flow rate alarm value. The display shows flow rate, total, accumulated total, and alarm messages. On-screen engineering units are easily configured from a comprehensive selection.
  • B-Smart flow transmitter is the most advanced model in our B-Series, complete with a pulse and analog output signals. The display shows flow rate, total and accumulated total. On-screen engineering units are easily configured from a comprehensive selection.
  • B-In-Control is a basic batch controller with two valve control outputs, offering exactly what is required for many applications. The operator can enter a batch quantity easily or execute repeating batches. During the batch, the preset value is displayed as well as the batched (actual) quantity and the units of measurement. The automatic self-learning overrun correction ensures an accurate result after every batch.

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  • Compact design.
  • Displays instantaneous flow rate, total, accumulated total and alarm messages (B-Alert).
  • One 20mm and two 16mm knock-out hole cable entries.
  • “Know one, know them all” configuration structure.
  • Easy reading and programming with clear alphanumerical display.
  • Clear 12mm(0.5”) numeric digits and 7mm(0.3”) alphanumeric digits.
  • Bright LED backlight.
  • Auto backup of settings and running totals.
  • Lithium AA battery and 10 - 30V DC power supply.
  • Sensor supply: 8.2V DC.
  • Two-alarm values can be entered: low and high flow rate alarm (B-Alert).


  • Basic flow measurement where re-transmission of the flow rate and/or totalizer functions is required.
  • The B-series offers you an economical solution for common industrial applications. Nothing more, nothing less.


Signal Input

  •  Basic types of flowmeter signals: Namur, Reed-switch, NPN, PNP and Sine wave (coil).

Signal output

Pulse Output-Two passive transistor output (NPN) - not isolated.One passive transistor output (NPN) - not isolated.-
Alarm Output-Two passive transistor output (NPN) - not isolated.--
Analog Output--One loop powered 4 – 20mA output-
Control Output---Two passive transistor output (NPN) - not isolated.


Power Supply

  • A single 3,6V lithium AA battery.
  • 10 – 30V DC.

Sensor Supply

  • B-Smart, B-Alert, B-in-control : 8.2V DC.
  • B-Basic: None

Hazardous Area

  • Intrinsically Safe: For Intrinsically Safe applications we recommend the F-Series.
  • Explosion Proof: For Explosion Proof applications we recommend the E-Series.


  • Modbus communication available on F1-Series products.
  • HART communication is available with the F018 & E018 Flow rate Monitor / Totalizers.


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