Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter RHE07/08

Multifunction Coriolis Mass  Flow Transmitter Series

The RHE08 transmitter is designed for field mounting. With a weatherproof exterior, the RHE08 can be wall or panel-front mounted. The UV resistant display window will not crack, craze or cloud over time. Externally mounted buttons provide convenient operator access to all process variables and setup information. Cable entries are adaptable for flex, armoured cable or conduit and all terminations are accessible through a separate cover plate.

The RHE08 transmitter can be used with an RHM sensor in a hazardous area (RHE08 in safe area or in Zone 2). CSA certified versions of the RHE08 can be mounted in a Class 1, Div 2 area.

The RHE07 is designed to sit in a standard 19" Eurocard style rack. The transmitter has two Eurocard connectors on the back to allow the unit to be plugged into an integrated rack system directly. For standalone applications, the RHE07 is easily adapted to panel mount and has a screw terminal adapter accessory to allow field wiring to be connected directly to the rear of the unit.

The RHE07 transmitter can be used with an RHM sensor in a hazardous area (RHE07 in safe area).CSA certified versions of the RHE07 must be mounted in a safe area.

  • Wall mount or rack mount versions
  • Built in safety barriers allow operation with RHM sensor in hazardous area
  •  Selectable metric and English units for Mass, Volume, Density and Temperature
  • Configurable pulse/frequency output
  • Dual Analog outputs (0/4 – 20/22 mA) individually configurable for Mass, Volume, Density or temperature
  • Configurable digital outputs for status and alarm
  • Configurable digital inputs for batch control, zeroing and totalizer operations
  • Connectivity to control systems with optional digital data interfaces: RS422, RS485, RS232 or HART over analog
  • Simple user interface – LCD display and three push buttons with intuitive menu design
  • Password protected setup
  • Single stage and two stage batch control functions
  • Brix measurement
  •  % solids and concentration measurement
  • Live density measurement on meters 1"/DN25  and above
  • Unique FIXDENS function allows density calculation with small size meters
  • Standard gas volume function
  • Power consumption less than 15 W
  • RHE07c double pulse output version available for dispenser applications
  • General and critical process flows
  • Filling, batching and dispensing
  • Feed stocks and transfers
  • Different packages with the same operation and menu structure – only one instrument to learn and operate
  • Common spare parts
  • Works with all sizes of  Rheonik RHM flow sensors
  • Remote electronics provides installation flexibility
RHE07/08 Dimention

RHE07/08 General Specifications

Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor RHM80

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Rheonik RHM80
  • Standard pressure ratings up to 341 bar (4946 psi)
  • Temperature ratings from -196 to 350°C (-320 to 662°F)
  • Mass flow uncertainty down to 0.15%
  • Density uncertainty down to 0.5%
  • Repeatability better than 0.05%
  • Typical measuring ranges between 200 and 8000 kg/min
  • Accurately measure low flow rates down to 130g/min
  • Unique robust torsion driven oscillation system
  • Process connection customization available
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Stainless steel case
  • Remote and compact transmitter versions available
Typical applications include:
  • Terminal Transfer
  • Asphalt/Bitumen and Other High Temperature Fluids
  • Viscous Fluids
  • Barge, Ship, Rail Car and Truck Filling
  • Torsion oscillator design assures a stable and drift free measurement with excellent signal to noise ratios
  • Resilient to external noise and vibration
  • Insensitive to pipe pressure changes
  • Robust tube wall thickness provides increased operational safety in abrasive applications
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Long sensor life guaranteed due to low mechanical stresses in the meter mechanism
  • No moving parts to wear or fail

more information please klik Brochure RHM 80

Kind of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter from RHEONIK