Sato Vacuum Pump


At present, vacuum technology is finding increasing applications in industrial fields as diverse as space development,electronics, energy, physics and chemistry, the electrical industry, pharmaceuticals, foods, optics,automobiles, and metals. Vacuum technology makes major contributions at every stage from research and development to production and every one of us shares in the benefit. Over the past 75 years, PHIL SATO VAC INC., as a supplier of integrated vacuum products, has been conducting research and development from the customer's standpoint aiming at innovations in vacuum pumps and vacuum gauges, component technologies for manufacturing vacuum parts, and a range of vacuum equipment for vacuum drying, vacuum baking, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum thin films, ultra-high vacuum pumping systems, and vacuum impregnation. The foundation for PHIL's corporate activities is the principle that "Customers come first." Based on this PHILosophy, we consider it our mission to realize the vast potential of vacuum technology under the motto "technologies that create clean vacuum", and to provide products that satisfy our customers' needs. I would like to thank you all in anticipation of your continued support for PHIL SATO VAC INC.
Vacuum pumps of SATO VAC are composed of various types, so customers can select most suitable pump for their use, environment and handling.

Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - V Series
MODEL/TYPE: P65D, P100D, P135D, P165D, P1000D, P1500D
Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - DW-DT-DS Series
MODEL/TYPE: DW60, DW120, DW185II, DW360, DW720, DW960, DW1500, DS20II, DS50II, DT5, DT20,

Belt Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
MODEL/TYPE: USW20, USW50, USW100N, USW150,USW300, USW500, USW650, USW960, USW1500, TSW20, TSW50, TSW100N, TSW150, TSW300, TSW500, TSW650, BSW20, BSW50, BSW100N, BSW150, UST20, UST50, UST100, UST150, UST300, UST500, TST20, TST50, TST100, TST150, TST300, TST500, BST20, BST50, BST100, BST150, PSW20, PSW50, PST20, PST50
Rotary Plunger Vacuum Pump - KS Series
MODEL/TYPE: KS7, KS10, KS15, KS20B, KS25B, KS30B, KS40B, KS75, KS150

Rotary Vane Dry Vacuum Pump - OFD Series
Diaphragm Dry Vacuum Pump - MD-MZ Series

Mechanical Booster Pump - MB Series
MODEL/TYPE: MB200, MB600ZA, MB600ZB, MB1500ZA, MB1500ZB, MB2500ZA, MB2500ZB