Air Motor / Pneumatic Motor / Air Gearmotor

Air motor or Air gear motor
Motor or dynamo is a rotating drive. The most often used type, use electricity as its main power source and usually referred to as electro motor. In some of its application, electro motor could not even be used due to its special application. This special application cannot be applied under one of some situations, such as; when generated power and RPM are difficult to set, electricity usage is prohibited, and/or the ambient temperature is too extreme (above 60 C).

Air motor or a pneumatic motor, is a motor that move something by using air flow/wind generated by spinning the motor.

Because of that, motor that are most suitable to be installed without consuming electricity is the air motor or pneumatic motor. Just like electro motor, the variable used to determine which types of air motor suits you best are the power (KW or HP) and RPM. And also there are two types of mounting, the foot mounting or flange mounting.

In air motor, to make the motor spins, it does not use electricity; instead it uses pressurized air or compressed air to make the motor spin. In industry, the use of air motor is applied in machinery, rooms, or area that restricted usage of electricity due to certain condition.
Air Motor / Pneumatic Motor / Air Gearmotor

Air motor in its application, often coupled with gears is called Air gear motor and the model is determined based on its ratio. The most important thing for air motor to be working is a constant, sustained compressed air supply. The amount of compressed air that is consumed depends on the size of the model used (HP or KW). Aside from gear, there are also another types of, air motor that are commonly used. Its motor works just equally simple as the air gear motor, those two types are:  piston  air motor and vane air motor, and also there is a gear type.

Determining the model and the type of air motor or air gear motor is not really different with determining the type and model of electro motor or electric gear motor, which is determined by its power in KW or HP measurement unit. Then the type of mounting of air motor used could be either foot mounting or flange mounting, depends on its application. Changing the ratio on Pneumatic gearmotor to the desired amount, is using the same manner.

Regarding its price, air motor  is relatively more expensive compared to the electro motor. But air motor is really valued for its superior characteristic, explosion proof, which makes it safe from explosive and fire hazard. This makes air motor is most often used as a mixer in a solvent-based-paint industry.
Adjusting the amount of power and the rotation speed of pneumatic motor can be done easily. To perform the adjustment, for opening or closing valve and amount of power/torque generated by pneumatic motor can be done through the regulator setting, for rotation speed (Revolution Per Minute) can be done through speed control setting.

Air motor, in terms of maintenance is quite simple, even can be considered as maintenance-free, provided the quality of the air used meets the standard or pass the air treatment..

The USA-made or Europe-made pnumatic motor or air gear motor is surely more expensive.. Some brands that are commonly seen in the market are; PSI (Pneumatic system Inc), Gast, Huco Dynatork, Globe, Atlas copco, Ingersoll Rand, Mannesmann Demag, Deprag Inc.
But if you are in a tight budget, air motor products made in China, Taiwan, Korea, and a number of Japan-made products, might be the one for you. These products are relatively cheaper but only by a slight margin. Aside from their price, they also provide a wide range of variants, like Tonson Air Motor, that has wide application variants.
In general, the standard Air motor in the market does not have many variant in terms of power. The power range are; 0.45 HP, 0.93 HP, 1.7 HP, 4 HP, 5.25 HP, 9.5 HP and 2.5 HP. And ratio for Air Gear Motor are: 15:1, 10:1, 20:1, 40:1, 60:1,

    • 100% Explosion-proof 
    • Never Burn Out
    • Mounting Flexibility 
    • Stalling Safety
    • self-Sealing & Cool Running 
    • All Plane Operation
    • Stepless Speed Control 
    • Smooth Start
    • Toleration of Environment

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