Choosing Types of Level Sensor

Level Sensor or Level Control or Level Tank or Level Meter products are tools to measure the height of a or some material(s). Materials which height can be measured are either liquid or solid; ie: powder, grains, slurry, etc. Whereas location or container for liquid to be measured are either in enclosed space as in tank or in open space, as in: lake, silo, trench, canal, river, even sea.
Level sensor or LEVEL TRANSMITTER usually comes in the form of sensor, which based on principle where the measurement depends on the type of level sensor used and there is also other which comes in the form of control manual which can only be used to see or monitor the level of materials measured, as done by level gauge or sigh glass

Choosing Type of Level Sensor

When choosing type of level meter or level sensor or level transmitter, what you need to know is the characteristic of the materials measured. Whether the materials which level is going to be measured or detected, comes in the form of berupa liquid, powder, mud or grains. Listed below are some pointers to guide you in choosing type of level sensor :
  • Type of material to be measured
  • Temperature level of the material
  • Height from lowest level to highest level
  • Whether continous monitoring is needed or level sensor functions through switch(s)
  • Pressure level of liquid contained inside the tank
  • Chemical nature of the material, whether it is acid or base or others
  • Installation system of level sensor, whether it is vertical or horizontal
  • Characteristic of the material, whether it can be directly in contact with sensor or non contact
  • Characteristic of the material, whether it is explosion proof or not
  • Can there be any power electric or not
  • Installation location, whether it is outdoor or indoor
  • And others regulated based on applications' requirement