Flow Control Unit FCU-400, Dinel-Flowmeter

Flow Control Unit FCU-400, Dinel-Flowmeter

The flow control unit FCU-400 is used for measuring and displaying the volume flow rate in open channels and drains. The unit forms an assembly with ultrasonic level meter ULM-53 with RS485/Modbus RTU communication output where the power supply for the indicators is provided directly from the unit with an output voltage of 24V DC. The unit can measure immediate flow rates in up to 4 channels simultaneously. The unit is integrated into the instrument box intended for wall mounting. The connection terminal block is positioned inside of the bottom part of the unit. There are four keys used for the setting of all functions on the front panel. The units can be equipped with either two or four relay outputs. They also include RS485/Modbus RTU - Master communication interface for connection of indicators and RS 485/Modbus RTU - Slave interface for communication with the master. There is a USB input for transmission of the archived data from the unit to a flash disc or for loading of level height conversion table to the unit memory on the face panel. The customer can also select the webserver. The binary input is in the basic configuration. Individual types can be ordered in two power supply versions


  • Intended for an assembly with ultrasonic level meter ULM-53 with RS-485 / Modbus RTU output (max. 4 sensors)
  • Data archiving in the internal memory with possibility of copying on a USB flash disc
  • Built-in web server
  • Displaying on a large OLED matrix display
  • A broad choice of flow rate physical units
  • Power supply voltage 230 V AC or 24 V DC
  • Possibility of any conversion curve


Casing - materialABS
Housing dimensions160x166x106 mm
Protection classIP65
Ambient temperature range-30 ... + 60°C
Power supply voltage
230 V version100 - 240V AC
24 V version9 - 36V AC
Nominal power consumption
230 V versionmax. 10VA
24 V versionmax. 8VA
Outputs0, 2 or 4 SSR relays, max. 250 V AC / 100mA (alarm, comparator, impulse output functions) RS485 / Modbus RTU - Slave, galvanically isolated Ethernet / RJ45 (optional)
InputsRS485 / Modbus RTU - Master, electrically isolated (max. 4 level meters) Binary input for user flow rate counter resetting (for potential-free contact) USB
Internal power supply for sensorsUs = 24 V DC / Imax. 120 mA
Display typeMatrix OLED display 128x64 dots
ControlMembrane keyboard - 4 keys
Size of internal memory for data archivingContinuous archiving of average 5-minute flow rates for at least 15 months
Display functionDisplay of current flow rate value with a bar graph graphical representation Simultaneous displaying of current flow rate and relay outputs status
Totalizer function2 counters of total flow quantity on each channel (1x with zeroing, 1x without zeroing)
Motor hours functionMeasuring time of faultless operation and time of failure state
Web server functionDisplaying of currently measured values and total flow quantity on all channels

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Ref: Dinel.cz