Model 5H Brill® Horizontal Tube Type Oil Skimmer

Model 5H Brill® Horizontal Tube Type Oil Skimmer

The Oil Skimmers Model 5H is designed for efficient oil removal in areas where the unit can be located within 3 feet of the water level. The “H” stand for “horizontal” in that the tube operates horizontally. This unit is used for above-ground tanks, parts washers, and other applications where the skimmer can remain within 3 feet of the skimming area.

Also similar to our Model 6V Brill™, the Model 5H waste oil recovery system removes oily waste using an oil collector tube. Oil adheres to the outside of the floating closed-loop tube and is drawn across the surface of the water and into the oil skimmer.

The collector tube snakes over and around floating debris, adjusting automatically to changing water levels. The tube is drawn up into the skimmer and through scrapers that remove the oil. Then the tube returns to the water surface to collect more oil, while the recovered oil flows to a collection container.

Model 5H Mounting Options

We have numerous 5H mounting systems available to ensure easy installation and peak performance. Call our representatives today to find out if our 5H is right for your application.

The Model 5H oil skimmer is a hard-working skimmer specially designed for use in small or confined spaces. It can be mounted close to the liquid level.


  • Machining/Metalworking
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Disposal Sites
  • Heat Treating
  • Steel Producing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Poultry Processing
  • Metal Processing
  • Automotive Parts
  • Food Processing
  • Fuel Distribution
  • Metal Office Furniture
  • Power Generation
  • Tanning Industry

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