Cepex Valve


 Cepex is the brand for the fluid handling market belonging to the Fluidra group. One of the leading European manufacturers of valves and fittings in thermoplastic materials.

Dedicated to the swimming pool, irrigation, and industrial markets, we distribute our products worldwide with the Fluidra commercial network and presence in 46 countries with 136 sales branches.

Cepex philosophy :

Cepex concentrates all its energy on offering effective solutions to the marketplace. Our focus on the following five principles has resulted in highly competitive and reliable products:

Research :

To stand out in today’s markets, companies need to rapidly respond to customers’ changing requests. CEPEX is committed to continuous research and innovation supported by an expert R&D team that systematically analyzes our markets to offer products that provide real solutions to specific needs.

Technology :

The entire production process, from product conception to delivery to the customer, is developed using the most advanced technologies to guarantee the highest quality and minimize errors.

Cepex Holding relies on:

- Our own mold manufacturer

- The latest generation of injection molding machines, robotics, and automation.

- An intelligent logistics center.

Cepex Product :

- PVC pressure fittings for liquid handling :

    demonstrated by our product certifications (AENOR, AFNOR, Kiwa, etc.),  Cepex offers the highest-level guarantee for all its PVC Fittings for pressurized fluid handling applications. The extensive range of sizes and combinations we offer will accommodate any system design. The dimensions of our fittings comply with UNE-EN 1452-3, UNE-EN 1452-3, DIN 8063, and NF 54016/54029 standards, while many of our products meet other standards as well, including British, ASTM, and Thai.

- Reduce assembly times with PP compression fittings :

  Cepex offers two ranges of PP compression fittings: Performance Series and Standard Series. Both are made according to standards EN 712 / 713 / 715 / and ISO 3501 / 3503 / 3458 /3459 and are suitable for installation on PE pipes conforming to ISO 11922; DIN 8072 / 8074; and UNE 53131. These fittings allow for quick, simple insertion of the tube, considerably reducing installation time: simply loosen the nut (without removing it), and insert the pipe.

- Wide range of ball valves :

  Cepex offers a complete range of ball valves in PVC-U and PVC-C (both manual and automatic), featuring the “Antiblock” system which prevents ball jamming. Valves are 100% hydro-tested prior to leaving the factory, and their reliability is further guaranteed by the world’s premier certification institutes.

Ball valves are available in accordance with several dimensioning standards (Metric, BSP, ASTM, NPT, British Standard, JIS…) in order to meet the requirements of any market.

- Fluid control with the check valve :

  Cepex designs and manufactures an extensive family of check valves that can be used for a wide range of applications. These valves provide exact and reliable control of fluids and have been designed to offer maximum modularity and flexibility. Spring check and ball versions are available in PVC-U and Corzan CPVC. As with other Cepex valve products, check valves are available in accordance with several dimensioning standards (Metric, BSP, ASTM, NPT, British Standard, JIS…).

- Butterfly valves for minimum spaces :

  Butterfly valves are resistant to several chemicals and offer excellent flow characteristics Available in handwheel gearboxes and electric & pneumatic actuators, as well as in accordance with several dimensioning standards (ISO/DIN, ANSI/ASTM, British Standard, JIS).

- Integration of buried systems with valve boxes :

  Cepex valve boxes enable the integration of valve assemblies or other elements into underground systems where easy access is required. These products are made of PP and designed to perform in even the most demanding environments. Cepex has circular and rectangular valve boxes with snap-fit, twist-lock, and screw-on covers.

- All irrigation accessories for installation :

  Cepex's philosophy is to keep the highest standards regarding client satisfaction, it is also present in our products. We offer all the accessories to fulfill your irrigation installation: clamps saddles, pipe clips, threaded fittings, hose fittings, SBE fittings, etc.

- Automatic regulation with actuated valves :

   Electrically or pneumatically actuated valves automate flow control, offering several advantages over manual valves, in cases like:

 - Remote location of the valves.

 - Information about the valve position (open-closed) is needed at all times.

 - Significant torque.

 - Synchronized operations, which make it impossible to operate different valves at the same time.

 - Reliability/repetitive operations: to avoid the possibility of negligences.

Reference: cepex.com