CLS–23 Dinel-Capacitive Level Sensors

Capacitive level sensors (switches) CLS–23 are designed for limit level detection of electrically conductive and non-conductive liquids in vessels, reservoirs, sumps, pipes, tanks, etc. The sensitivity of the sensor can be easily set by placing a magnetic pen on a sensitive spot.

The process coupling at the housing can be with metric thread (M18x1.5; M20x1.5), pipe thread (G3/8”; G1/2”), or sealing thread (NPT 1/2–14). Output performances – transistor output with the open collector (PNP), two-wire electronic switch (S), and NAMUR output for intrinsically safe connection.

There are next performances available: N – Normal for non-explosive areas, E – Extended temperature range for non-explosives areas, Xi – Explosion-proof (intrinsically safe for explosive areas), NT – High-temperature variant for non-explosives areas and XiT – High-temperature variant for explosive areas. CLS-23 capacitive level sensors meet the safety integrity level requirements according to standard EN 61508 at level SIL 1.


  • Detection of various types of electrically conductive or non-conductive liquids (water, water solution, cooling liquids, oil, etc.)
  • Sensitivity setting through a magnetic pen
  • Direct mounting into various containers, vessels, tanks, etc.
  • Outputs S, PNP, NAMUR (for explosive areas)
  • High-temperature performance, pressure resistance up to 7 MPa
  • Process coupling - thread M18, M20, G3/8“ or 1/2–14 NPT
  • Xi, XiT versions for usage in explosive areas

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Supply voltage6 ... 30 V DC 
Supply current – output type Pmax. 0,6 / 7 mA (OFF / ON state)
– output type Smax. 0,6 mA (OFF state)
Switched current– output type Pmax. 100 mA
– output type S3,3 mA / 40 mA (min. / max.)
Remanent voltage - ON state– output type P1,8 V
– output type S6,0 V
Output time delay0,1 s
Protection classIP68 (0,1 MPa)
Safety integrity levelSIL 1
Cable (for cable outlet performance)CLS–23N, NT, Xi, XiTPVC 2x 0,34 mm2 (3x 0,34 mm2 – output P)
CLS–23Esilicone 2x 0,5 mm2
Weight (with 2 m cable and 30 mm electrode)CLS–23N, E, Xicca. 45 g
CLS–23NT, XiTcca. 190 g