F025 Micro Motion Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

High accuracy real-world performance :

■ Best-in-class performance on liquid mass flow,

volume flow, and density measurements in a

compact design

■ Robust sensor design minimizes downtime and

process interruption costs

Best fit-for-application :

■ Cleanable, self-draining design for critical process

control service

■ Compact design enables installation flexibility

and reduced maintenance costs

Exceptional reliability and safety :

■ Global ISO/IEC 17025 calibration facilities deliver

Measurement confidence

As a practical application of the Coriolis effect, the Coriolis mass flow meter operating principle involves inducing a vibration of the flow tube through which the fluid passes. The vibration, though it is not completely circular, provides the rotating reference frame

which gives rise to the Coriolis effect. While specific methods vary according to the design of the flow meter, sensors monitor and

analyze changes in frequency, phase shift, and amplitude of the vibrating flow tubes. The changes observed represent the mass flow rate and density of the fluid.

Reference operating conditions

For determining the performance capabilities of our meters, the following conditions were observed/utilized:

■ Water at 68 to 77 °F and 14.5 to 29 psig (20 to 25 °C and 1 to 2 barg)

■ Accuracy based on industry-leading accredited calibration stands according to ISO/IEC 17025

■ All models have a density range of up to 3 g/cm 3 (3000 kg/m 3 )

Reference: https://www.emerson.com/

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