GPS Radio buoys type MIR- 5000 Receiver for Marine Instrument

MIR-5000 is the data-receiving system of Marine Instruments. Without any additional installations, it offers the longliner the possibility of receiving the M3P and M3P-Tbuoys data, with no need to use the vessel’s radio.

A system composed of :

  • Interface (onboard installation).
  • External receiver with an internal GPS antenna.

Features :

  • Fast, safe, and costless reception of data.
  • Multifrequency system.
  • Compatible with all Marine Instruments buoys.
  • Stand-alone system.
  • Easy installation.
  • Encrypted data transmissions to increase security.
  • Connection to the vessel computer through a USB port.
  • Possibility to use the GPS of the boat with an NMEA connector.
  • Compatible with MAXSEA, Orbmap, TimeZero, ARPA, SERPE, and AIS.
  • Maximum security does not need a connection to the vessel’s radio.
    Reception system marine instrument

Technical Features :

  1. Reception frequency is Self-adjustable.
  2. HF Antenna: Frequency of transmission; 26-27 MHz.
  3. Consumption: 400 mA.
  4. Antenna weight: 0,470 Kg.
  5. Interface weight: 1,93 Kg.
  6. Range: 50 miles.
  7. Power Supply: 220/110 VAC.

Dimension :

Reception system marine instrument dimension


  1. Free software for the visualization of longlines and buoys.
  2. Compatible with M2P, M3P, and MBP buoys.
  3. Self-configurable. It is not necessary to type in the initial configuration of the buoy manually.
  4. Automatic reception of data.
  5. Position, route of the vessel, and estimated time of arrival to the buoys, on C-MAP charts.
  6. Reprogramming of buoys in less than a minute.
  7. Alarm for low battery levels.
  8. Visualization of several online lines.
  9. Possibility to see the vessel’s route with color rank according to the water temperature.
  10. Automatic detection of line breakage.
  11. Drawing and measuring tools.
  12. Night mode. Possibility to charge the screen intensity to improve data visualization.

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