Mechatronics Dizzi Fluid Level Sensor

Mechatronics Dizzi Fluid Level Sensor

Eurosens Dizzi ultrasonic level sensors are used for non-contact measurement ( “without insertion” )
of the liquid level (acoustically transparent media). Level measurement is performed by echolocation through the bottom of the tank.

Key Benefits :

  • No change in tank design is required. All sensor elements are located outside the tank, which is especially important when monitoring aggressive, explosive, sterile fluids, as well as fluids under high pressure
  • Level measurement of almost any liquid, including liquefied gas
  • Built-in self-diagnosis algorithm ensures data reliability
  • Explosion protection marking  ( 0Ex ia IIC T6 Ga, [Ex ia Ga] IIC )

Characteristic :

Supply voltage :

9 - 30

The thickness of the translucent wall of the tank :

0 – 5 mm

Resolution (at rest) :

0.1 mm

Reverse polarity protection :

There is

Temperature range :

-40 - +85 ° C

 Output interface :


Digital protocols :

LLS, Modbus

Degree of protection :

IP 67

Eurosens Dizzi Ultrasonic Level Meter : Download Descriptions