Mechatronics Eurosens Difference-T4

Mechatronics Eurosens Difference-T4. It is used in advanced GPS tracking systems when extra analog inputs are needed :

  • Receives information from a sensor with an analog output.
  • Stores information about sensor calibration. Each sensor (analog input) can have up to 3 independent calibration tables.
  • Converts the sensor’s signal to a digital form according to the calibration tables.
  • Send results via the RS485 interface by LLS or MODBUS protocol. Each analog input (1-4) with individual 1-3 calibration tables may generate up to 12 parameters. Each parameter has its own address in the LLS protocol which you can define by configuration software.

To make set up of Eurosens Difference-T4 you need Eurosens Destination 02 service kit and notebook.

Specifications :

  • Supply voltage, V 10 – 60
  • Range of input signal, V 0-20
  • Temperature range, ° C -40 – +85
  • ADC resolution: 12 bits
  • Degree of protection IP 67
  • Output interface: RS485
  • Output data protocol : LLS, MODBUS RTU