ONICON F-1000 Series Inline & Insertion Turbine Flow Meter

ONICON F-1000 Series Inline & Insertion Turbine Flow Meter

ONICON’s F-1000 Series is a family of insertion and inline style turbine meters flow meters that provide accurate, reliable flow measurement in a variety of applications. The F-1000 Series meters are suitable for use in pipes ranging in size from ¾ to 72” in diameter.

Each model utilizes ONICON’s patented electronic turbine rotation sensing system and unique low mass turbine design that is accurate over wide flow ranges with excellent low flow measurement capability

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  • The Dual Turbine Advantage
  • Programmable with Built-in Diagnostics
  • Excellent Long-term Reliability
  • Simplified Hot Tap Insertion Design
  • Unmatched Price vs. Performance


  • Chilled water or hot water & water/glycol solutions for HVAC
  • Domestic/municipal water
  • Clean process water


Accuracy± 0.5% of reading at the calibrated velocity
Insertion± 1% of reading from 3 to 30 ft/s (10:1 range
± 2% of reading from 0.4 to 20 ft/s (50:1 range)
Inline± 2% of reading from 0.8 to 38 GPM (50:1 range)
Pipe Size RangeInsertion1¼ through 72” nominal diameter
InlineThreaded or sweat union fittings - ¾ or 1”
Supply Voltage24 ±4 V AC/DC at 100 mA
Liquid Temperature RangeMedium Temp150° F continuous, 200° F peak
High Temp280° F continuous, 300° F peak
Meters operating above 250° F require 316 SS construction option
Ambient Temperature Range-5° to 160° F (-20° to 70° C)
Operating Pressure400 PSI maximum
Pressure DropInsertionLess than 1 PSI at 20 ft/s in 1½” pipe, decreasing in larger pipes and lower velocities
Inline3 PSI at a maximum flow rate
MaterialWetted materialElectroless nickel plated brass stem
Optional316 stainless steel, NSF/ANSI 61/372 version*
Output Signal AvailableFrequency Output0-15 V peak pulse, programmable max Hz
Closing timeScaled Pulse / Alarm OutputIsolated solid-state dry contact
Contact rating: 100 mA, 50 VContact duration: Field programmable; 50, 100, 500 or 1000 ms
Opening timeAnalog Output (non-isolated)Signal type: 4-20 mA, 0-10 V or 0-5 V (jumper selectable)Output range: Field programmable
Pressure portsIsolated Analog OutputSignal type: 4-20 mA, 0-10 V or 0-5 V (jumper selectable)
Output range: Field programmable
Electronics EnclosureNEMA4 enclosure
OptionalSubmersible enclosure
Electrical ConnectionsStandard10’ of cable with ½” NPT conduit connection
OptionalIndoor DIN connector with 10’ of plenum rated cable

Data Sheet ONICON F-1000 Series Turbine Flow Meter

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