Spout and Flap Flow-Mon Turbine Flow Gauge

Spout and Flap Flow Gauge

Flow-Mons Double Window Sight Glass Visual Indicators are ideal for observing fluid characteristics, (motion, flow, and color) during process conditions.

Spout and Flap Flow gauge

These Robust double glass Sight Indicators can be used (but not limited to) plant protection applications showing coolant or lubrication flow to pumps, engines and compressors.

BSP, NPT and Flanged connection: PN16, 40, Ansi150, 300 (other configurations also available)
Small 1/4" - 1" Medium 1 1/4" - 2"

Body Material:
- Stainless Steel 316: ASTM-A-351-2000 GR CF8M
- Carbon Steel: ASTM-A-216-2000-GR-WCB
- Bronze BS EN1982 CuSn5Zn5PB5-C-GS (formerly LG2)

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Double Glass Data Sheet


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