Wingel Magnetic Float Cable Level Switch VCFP Series

Wingel Magnetic Float Cable Level Switch VCFP Series


  • Simple and made to customer specification
  • No moving part of electrical contact and employ the use of reed switch
  • Usable for water, sewage water, wastewater, etc.
  • Compact size, reliable and long switch life.
  • Wet part is made from PP, Hyphalon cable and polyamide.
  • Multiple choices of point (up to 6 contact point)
  • Standard enclosure with PP + 20%GF terminal housing, IP-65
  • Temperature up to 80ºC
  • Length up to 20 meter - maximum
  • All reed and lead wire contact are fully isolated

Wingel VCFP Float Level Switch is a cable type level switch that using for water, sewage water, wastewater, and also dirty liquids. The most essential characteristic of these products is its high reliability and its shape which no edges for which it is particularly suitable for dirty water. The CFPP level switch allows electrical equipment to start and stop automatically (pump, control valve, or alarm) when a set level has been reached.

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ApplicationSewage & wastewater
Press Max3 Barg
Temperature Max80 ºC
Specific Gravity Min850 Kg/m3
Float TypeCFPP-60: Standard
CFPP-45: for narrow space
Float MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Rope MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Connection MaterialPCV
Terminal BoxPP + 20%GF Housing, IP-65
Output ContactSPDT-Max 6 Contact Point
Rating1A, 230 VAC/DC, 40VA

Download Data Sheet: Wingel VCFP Magnetic Cable Float Level Switch