Hydrostatics Level Probes DSGE-25/16 Delta Mobrey


Hydrostatics Level Probes DSGE-25/16 Delta Mobrey

The model DSGE-25/16 Hydrostatic Level Probes is applicable to measure liquid levels in tanks, deep wells or piezometers.

The DSGE level probes offers a robust and reliable solution for level measurement based on the simple relationship between the height of the liquid column and the resulting hydrostatic pressure.

With standard sizes of Ø25 or  Ø16.3 body diameter and various type of cable material available in any length desired, make the DSGE series of instruments suitable for the widest range of application.

The probe measures liquid levels, basing on a simple relationship between the height of the liquid column and the resulting hydrostatic pressure. The pressure measurement is carried out on the level of the separating diaphragm of the immersed probe and is related to atmospheric pressure through a capillary in the cable.

The active sensing element is a piezoresistant silicon sensor separated from the medium by an isolating diaphragm. The electronic amplifier, which works in combination with the sensor, and is meant to standardize the signal, is additionally equipped with an overvoltage protection circuit, which protects the probe from damage caused by induced interference from atmospheric discharges or from associated heavy current engineering appliances.


  • Any measurement range from 1 up to 500 m H2O.
  • Integrated internal overvoltage protection circuit.
  • Excellent repeatability 0.05%


  1. Cost-Effective

    The D-Series offers customers a high specification and comprehensive product range at very competitive prices

  2. Versatility

    The D-Series of level probes offers solution suitable for various application and varying well sizes.

  3. Accuracy

    The D-series hydrostatic level probes have an excellent repeatability 0.05% and global accuracy 0.3%. Higher accuracy and digital SMART Hart version available.

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Measurement ranges: 10 ÷ 100 m H2O

Overpressure limit::10 x range

Accuracy: 0,3%

Hysteresis, repeatability: 0,05%

Thermal compensation range: 0 ÷ 40°C

Process temperature limit: 0 ÷ 40°C

(version with ETFE and PTFE cable): 0 ÷ 75°C

Long term stability: 0,1% or 1 cm H2O for 1 year

Hysteresis, repeatability: 0,05%

Thermal compensation range: 

  • 0 ÷ 40°C – standard
  • -10 ÷ 70°C – special version

Medium temperature range:

  • -25 ÷ 40°C – standard
  • 0 ÷ 75°C – ETFE and PTFE version

Download Data Sheet: Hydrostatics Level Probes

Ref: delta-mobrey.com