Sage Thermal Mass Flowmeter


Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter

Specifications :

Style: integral insertion mass flow meter
Sensor: two reference-grade platinum rtd clad in 316ss sheath
Material: wetted metal components: 316ss
Power: 24vdc standard (12vdc or 115/230vac optional)

Power Dissipation:

Electronics: microprocessor-based (hybrid-digital)
Electronics Enclosure: integral mount, nema 4 enclosure
Display: high contrast photo-emissive oled graphical display (flow rate, totalizer, temperature)
Turndown: 100 to 1
Resolution: 1000 to 1
Low-end Sensitivity: 5 sfpm
Field Calibration Check: yes - digital system allows raw signal validation (milli-watts)
Communications: modbus® compliant rs485 rtu or optional hart® communications
Approvals: csa c22.2 (24 vdc); uli604, class i, div 2, groups b, c, d t4 (24vdc); ce (ac power or 24vdc)
Field Reconfigurable: sage addresser required
Flow accuracy: +/- 0.5% of full scale +/- 1% of reading (enhanced accuracy optionally available with limited turn-down)
Flow Repeatability: 0.2%
Response Time: 1 second time constant
Gas Temperature Range: standard -40° to 200°f (93°c), optional to 300°f (149°c) and 450°f (232°c)
Gas Pressure: 500 psig (if higher pressure needed, contact sage)
Flow Output: 4 to 20 ma for rate
Totalizer: 24vdc pulse for totalized value
Temperature Output: through modbus® only
Ambient Temperature: -40° to 150°f (66°c)
Probe style / Length: 1/2" OD Probe (3/4" optional) lengths 6" to 36"
Relays: n/a
Flow Conditioning: captive flow conditioners available upon request with meter purchaseEnclosure depth: dc: 4.35"; ac: 5.35". or visit to our E-Commerce