Ultrasonic flow meters FLOMIC FL103X

Ultrasonic flow meters FLOMIC FL103X
Ultrasonic flow meters of the type series FLOMIC FL103X (FL1034 - the compact version, FL1035 - with remote electronic unit) are intended for measurement and storage of the measured data of instantaneous flow rate, total volume passed through the meter sensor, of cold and hot water and other liquids of similar properties in a wide range of industrial applications. Optionally, the meters can be provided with pressure gauges to monitor the fluid pressure in the piping.
The FLOMIC FL103X meters are noted for high measurement accuracy and long-term stability over a wide range of measured values. They have equipped by internal battery and they can be installed anywhere without availability of external power. The meters include no movable parts and, compared to conventional flow meters, their hydraulic losses are significantly lower.
The associated electronic unit provides for processing of the sensor signals and visualisation of the values of instantaneous flow rate, total fluid volume passed through the meter sensor and fluid pressure, as well as for archiving of the measured data in specified time intervals in the internal meter memory unit. The archived data can be retrieved either via an optical interface, RS 232 communication line or GSM module for further processing by, for example, a notebook computer. On-line processing of the measured values is also possible using the pulse or current (4 to 20mA) outputs.

Technical parameters:

usagemeasurement of total volume of the liquid passed through, instantaneous flow rate and pressure
the principle of the measurementtransit-time
type- one beam (1B)
- remote and compact version
rated piping sizeDN32 to DN300
maximum permitted pressure1.6 MPa, 4 MPa (classes MAP 16 and MAP 40)
measurement accuracyaccording to EN 14154
flow sampling period1 sec
tempetarure of liquidup to 150°C
protection classIP67 / IP68 in remote version
power sourceLi battery 3.6V/16Ah, garanted battery lifetime 6 to 8 years