Elektrogas Control Valves SR SL ST

Solenoid actuator for butterfly valves VF, VFH

Solenoid actuators are designed to operate VF and VFH butterfly valves.When the coil is not energized the inner spring pushes down the plunger and, by means of a gear mating, shifts the connected valve to the minimum opening position.
When the coil is powered the plunger moves up fast (SR) or slowly (SL-ST), shifting the valve to the maximum opening position. This type of device, connected to VF and VFH butterfly valves, is used in two-stage control of gas and air flow in combustion processes.


  • Available with fast opening and fast closing (<1s), with slow opening (3-4s) and fast closing or with slow opening and slow closing (3-4s) 
  • Equipped with two regulating screws for minimum and maximum flowrate adjustment. 
  • Provided with valve disc position indicator. 
  • Suitable for intermittent operation and large number of operating cycles.
  • Its sturdy and functional design allows a fast and easy installation, and it is practically free of maintenance. 
  • All components are designed to withstand any mechanical, chemical, thermal condition occurring during typical service. Effective impregnation and surface treatments have been used to improve mechanical sturdiness, sealing and resistance to corrosion of the component 


  • Actuator type 
SR fast opening and fast closing (Standard)
SL slow opening and fast closing (Optional)
ST slow opening and slow closing (Optional)
  • Rotation angle: 0 / 90° minimum and maximum adjustable 
  • Ambient temperature:  -15°C / +60°C 
  • Voltage rating: 230VAC 50/60Hz (Standard); 110VAC 50/60Hz (Optional)
  • Voltage tolerance: -15% / +10% 
  • Power consumption: 45 W (starting180 W) 
  • Enclosure: IP54 (EN 60529), (optional IP65) 
  • Cable gland: 2x ISO 20 (EN 50262), standard socket optional 
  • Coil winding insulation: Class H (200°C) 
  • Coil thermal resistance: Class F (155°C)
  • Operating time (0 - 90°):
SR: 1s opening/closing 
SL: ~4s opening / 1s closing 
ST: ~4s opening/closing