Elektrogas Delta Pumps A, AD Type

Modern and compact oil burners pump, designed to pump fuel from the tank to the burner nozzle, at the required pressure. The A – AD type pump is made of a pumping unit integrated in a cast iron housing, connected to an aluminium pressure die casting distributor.

It is provided with bidirectional nozzle ports, pressure and vacuum gauges, cartridge filter, pressure regulator and cut-off solenoid valve (type A only). Its hub and shaft sizes are manufactured to international standards (EN 225), and it can be fitted to every oil burner.


The DELTA aluminium fuel unit type A is an efficient and modern oil burner pump, provided with bilateral delivery ports. Hub and shaft sizes are manufactured to international standards (EN 225-1), so it can be fitted to every oil burner. The pump type A is designed for pumping oil in high pressure oil burners and transfer pump applications. Its features allow an easy pump replacement with every other type of oil pump: the same unit is provided with nozzle port in both the left and right sides.

Technical specifications

Oil viscosity: 1,2 ÷ 12 cSt 
Oil temperature: 60°C max. 
Power consumption: See graphs 
Nozzle capacity: See graphs 
Fine adjustable pressure: 6 ÷ 20 bar 
Minimum pressure: 2,5 bar (for oil transfer applications) 
Suction line vacuum: 0,5 bar max. 
Suction line pressure: 2 bar max. 
Return line pressure: 2 bar max. 
Starting torque: 0,1 Nm max. 
Rotation speed: 3500 rpm max.
Standard strainer: Stainless steel mesh 130μ, 11cm² 
Dimensions (EN 225-1): Hub Ø32, shaft Ø8 
Connections (ISO 228-1): Inlet – Return : G1/4 
   Nozzle port : G1/8 
   Pressure – vacuum gauge : G1/8 
Weight: A = 720 g AD = 600 g 
Standard factory settings: Pressure setting: 10 ±0,3 bar 
  Standard coil: 230 VAC 50/60Hz 
  Standard cable set: 3 cores, 700 mm 

Solenoid valve specifications(A type only)

Power absorbed: 9 W 
Voltage tolerance: -15% / +10% 
Ambient temperature: 0°C / 60°C 
Operating pressure: 25 bar max. 
Flow factor (VDI/VDE 2173): 0,059 m3/h 
Cut-off pressure: 6 bar 
Standards: EN ISO 23553-1 

Download Datasheet: Delta A, AD Type