Elektrogas Delta Pumps Shut-Off Valves EV-F84 type

The Delta type EV electrical solenoid valve is a normally closed one-way direct acting valve. It is designed for use as an interrupter valve or as a shut-off valve. The body is made of brass, the core is of solenoid quality steel and the seal is a synthetic rubber which is suitable for use with light distillate oils and other fluids that are compatible with the above materials. All valves are 100% tested and are fully warranted.

Elektrogas Shut-Off Valves EV-F84 type

Technical specifications 

Oil temperature: 60°C max 

Max. operating pressure: 25 Bar 

Ambient temperature: 0°C / +60°C 

Opening response: Instantaneous cut-off (open when energized) 

Power consumption: 9 W 

Protection class: IP65 

Flow factor (Kv): 0,08 m³/h 

Orifice: Ø2 mm 

Weight: 200 g 

Fluids: Kerosene, heating oil EL, Diesel, K1, #1, #2 fuel oil 


G1/8 MF 

G1/8 FF 

R1/8 M-G1/4 M 

FF 1/8” NPTF 

MF 1/8” NPTF 


Download Datasheet: Delta Elektrogas-EV-F84 type