Gastec Calibration Gas Generating Equipment PD-1B And PD-1B-2

Calibration gas generating equipment 

The Permeater is a gas generator for calibration purposes that utilises permeation and diffusion tubes to generate the calibration gas. When the permeation and diffusion tubes are set at a constant temperature, the weight of both the permeating and the evaporating diffusion gas will be respectively set at constant levels.
In this manner, calibration gas is continuously generated by setting both tubes at a constant temperature and providing a constant flow of dilution gas such as air or nitrogen.
This method is highly reliable because gas concentration levels are determined based on the dynamic weight loss obtained from measurements such as rate of permeation diffusion or evaporation diffusion as well as the quantity of dilution gas calculated by weight.

Even calibration gas of very low concentrations can be continuously generated

It is possible to have two ventilation systems and to generate two kinds of calibration gas simultaneously

·         Highly reliable because concentration levels are determined by calculating weight loss based on
·         Measurements and dilution gas volume
·         Many types (both organic and inorganic) of low-concentration calibration gases) can be generated
·         Gas for calibration of all organic solvents (as long as they are stable in their liquid state or at normal temperatures) can be generated
·         Gas for calibration can be generated continuously for longer periods of time
·         Calibration gas can be easily generated in a wide range of concentrations