Gastech Carbon monoxide detector CM-6B

Carbon monoxide detector

•Slim / Compact and lightweight, only 100g
•The first model of this size to allow remote control measurements
•Explosion proof
•RFI/EMI Shielding
•Simple auto zero calibration procedure
•Low power consumption

•Measurement range: 0 - 300 ppm (enhanced range: 301 - 999 ppm)
•Measurement method: Controlled potential electrolysis method
•Sampling method: Diffusion
•Display: Digital LCD
•Indicating accuracy: +/-10% of full scale at time of calibration
•Alarm threshold and signal: Intermittent sound and blinking warning lamp at 50 ppm, continuous alarm sounds  and lamp lights up at 150 ppm
•Power source: Two size AAA alkaline batteries for over 1000 hours (without alarm signal being emitted)
•Dimensions: 42W x 26D x 130H (mm)
•Weight: 100g
Explosion proof : Certified by Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Class 2G3 Certification No.55545)

*The products may not be sold depending on countries and regions.