Gastech Hand-held Combustible gas detector [MA-2510]

Hand-held Combustible gas detector [MA-2510]

•Compact and Lightweight
•Low power consumption sensor
•Analog display shows LEL or concentration (%)
•Measurement of combustible gases other than methane

1.Measurement range: 0-25%LEL, 0-100%LEL
2.Measurement method: Catalytic combustion gas sensor
3.Sampling method: Diaphragm pump
4.Display: Analog metre (backlit)
5.Indicating accuracy: +/-5% at full scale at time of calibration
6.Alarm threshold and signal: > 20%LEL
7.Alarm threshold and signal: intermittent sound and blinking light
8.Power source:
  - Three size C manganese dry cell batteries for 4 hours of operation (without alarm signal being emitted) 
  - Three size C alkaline dry cell batteries for 8 hours of operation (without alarm signal being emitted)
9.Dimensions: 151(W) x 71(D) x 115(H)
10Weight: 1.1kg
11.Explosion proofing: Certified by Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Class id3aG3 No.T62339)