Gastech Hand-held Methane gas detector [MAM-2510]

Hand-held methane gas detector is a small, lightweight, hand-held device for detecting the presence of methane gas. It employs an optimized combustion-type contact sensor that enables the detection and measurement of flammable gas to guard against the possibility of explosion.


•Low power consumption sensor
•Compact and lightweight
•For exclusive measurement of methane gas only
•Analog display shows LEL or concentration (%)
Gastech Hand-held Methane gas detector MAM-2510


1.Measurement range: 0 - 25%LEL, 0 - 100%LEL
2.Sampling method: Diaphragm pump
3.Measurement method: Catalytic combustion gas sensor
4.Display: Analog metre (backlit)
5.Indicating accuracy: +/- 5% of full scale
6.Alarm threshold and signal: Intermittent sound and blinking alarm light
7.Alarm threshold and signal: 20% LEL
8.Power source:
  - Three size C alkaline dry cell batteries for 8 hours of operation (without alarm signal being emitted)
  - Three size C manganese dry cell batteries for 4 hours of operation (without alarm signal being emitted)
9.Dimensions: 151(W) x 71(D) x 115(H)
10.Weight: 1.1kg
11.Explosion proofing: Certified by Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Class id3aG3 No.T62339)