Machine Oil Skimmer NC-40B

In addition to the small oil slick fishing device in addition to small, can be directly connected to the machine tool. Widely used in CNC machine tools, CNC lathes, drill presses, milling machines, grinding machines and other machine coolant in the oil-water separation, generator cooling water / liquid, cleaning machine cleaning tank and other machine tools on the machine. main effect:
Machine Oil Skimmer NC-40B

1, increase the metalworking fluid, cleaning fluid use cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing operating costs.
2, to protect the user machine tool to improve the functional efficiency of cleaning equipment.
3, save the environmental protection effect, prevent the waste oil waste discharge pollutes the environment, thus has adapted the environmental protection idea request.
Hanging wheel type floating oil fishing machine
Machine Oil Skimmer NC-40B
Machine Oil Skimmer NC-40B

Model: NC-40B
Oil-absorbing tape: 50mm wide (non-metallic material)
Oil absorption: 0-3 liters / hour
Total power consumption: 5W
Weight: 2.5kg