KOSTYRKA clamping sleeve

The principle

Precision performance through custom tailored clamping technology

For nearly 50 years now, the KOSTYRKA principle has enabled precision performance in an extremely broad range of applications. In the process, the hydraulic clamping technology from KOSTYRKA has had a major influence on the development of modern machine tools. KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves can be adapted in a highly flexible manner to an extremely broad range of components, close and open in an instant and therefore make it possible to securely fix machine parts in the desired position.

Clamping and tensioning with oil pressure

The extremely high holding forces of the KOSTYRKA clamping sleeves result by applying oil pressure to the sleeve jacket. If the required oil pressure is not provided by the system, an additional KOSTYRKA® hydraulic pressure intensifier can be used.

Top technology with a long service life

Modern production systems have to operate reliably and efficiently. And that every single day for many years. Failures mean financial losses. The quality of each individual component is decisive for the reliability of a system. And that's why product development, high manufacturing quality and state-of-the-art checking processes play a central role at KOSTYRKA. The result is top clamping technology designed for a maximum service life.

Kind of Clamping sleeve

1. Clamping Sleeves without flange ring

The main items of every KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeve are flexible bushes made from a metal-plastic composite. They are axially held in housings and surround the part and clamp it by applying pressure oil to the sleeve jacket. Especially interesting: The oil pressure is converted loss- and reaction-free into a radially acting clamping force. The sleeves spring back elastically to their starting position after the oil pressure is removed, and the previously clamped part is released again. The surfaces of the clamped parts are not damaged with this adherence-actuated form of power transmission.
The development of modern machine tools was decisively influenced by the use of the KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeve. It enables extremely high holding forces, is designed for overall program-controlling, opens and closes at lightning speed and supports the designer with its unique compact concept. No wonder KOSTYRKA has delivered hundreds of thousands of clamping sleeves to machine and fixture manufacturers worldwide until today

Precise and non-wearing

Precision and longevity of the KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves are a prerequisite for smooth manufacturing. It‘s just not that easy to disassemble and reassemble a 2500 tons press overnight for repairs. The high customer expectations for product quality ensure the use of modern manufacturing and control procedures. Then they can depend on reliable operation day after day and year after year.

Diameter from 6 to over 1800 mm, pressure up to 600 bar

KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves are available with an inner diameter ranging from 6 to over 1800 mm and lengths up to 900 mm and more for operating pressures up to 600 bar. In addition, KOSTYRKA likes to move together with the customers in further dimensions.

the principle

Clamping sleeve without flange ring can be used for taking up forces in axial direction only (clamping effect to the inside)
  1. Part to be clamped
  2. Seal
  3. Oil feed
  4. Venting
  5. Plastic jacket
  6. Slotted metal cylinder

Clamping sleeves with standard dimensions

Over the course of nearly five decades, some sizes of KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves without a flange ring have turned out to be the optimum solutions for many applications. Profit from this vast experience, from an economic advantage and from rapid availability. The table shows the dimensions of available standard sizes.

KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves can be produced in any dimension according to customer requirements. Customer-specific tolerances are possible.

Type no.                                 d                           D                            L                         a                      CAD 

5350.010.040                      10 mm                   20 mm                    40 mm                9,5 mm               *.stp 
5350.015.050                      15 mm                   25 mm                    50 mm                9,5 mm               *.stp 
5350.020.045                      20 mm                   30 mm                    45 mm              10,0 mm               *.stp 
5350.020.065                      20 mm                   30 mm                    65 mm              10,0 mm               *.stp 
5350.025.060                      25 mm                   35 mm                    60 mm              11,0 mm               *.stp 
5350.025.080                      25 mm                   35 mm                    80 mm              11,0 mm               *.stp 
5350.030.058                      30 mm                   40 mm                    58 mm              11,5 mm               *.stp 
5350.030.100                      30 mm                   40 mm                  100 mm              11,5 mm               *.stp 
5350.035.080                      35 mm                   45 mm                    80 mm              12,0 mm               *.stp 
5350.040.070                      40 mm                   50 mm                    70 mm              12,0 mm               *.stp 
5350.040.100                      40 mm                   50 mm                  100 mm              12,0 mm               *.stp
5350.045.100                      45 mm                   55 mm                  100 mm              12,0 mm               *.stp
5350.050.100                      50 mm                   65 mm                  100 mm              14,0 mm               *.stp
5350.060.100                      60 mm                   75 mm                  100 mm              14,0 mm               *.stp
5350.070.120                      70 mm                   85 mm                  120 mm              15,0 mm               *.stp
5350.080.100                      80 mm                 100 mm                  100 mm              18,5 mm               *.stp
5350.080.120                      80 mm                 100 mm                  120 mm              18,5 mm               *.stp
5350.100.140                    100 mm                 125 mm                  140 mm              18,5 mm               *.stp
5350.120.115                    120 mm                 140 mm                  115 mm              18,5 mm               *.stp
5350.150.140                    150 mm                 175 mm                  140 mm              18,5 mm               *.stp

2. Clamping Sleeves with flange ring

Linear or rotary - everything is clamped

Torques that occur on spindles and shafts, for example, require clamping sleeves with an integrated flange ring. KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves with flange ring are available in a wide variety of versions. KOSTYRKA® expanding sleeves with or without flange ring are used for clamping turntables and dividing heads.

KOSTYRKA® Clamping sleeves with flange ring

Clamping sleeves with flange ring absorb axial and tangential forces. Otherwise, the method of operation, materials used, operating conditions and tolerances correspond to classic clamping sleeves with flange ring. This means they clamp the parts without axial movement and they develop extremely high forces in a very small space. KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves with flange ring are always made to meet particular customer requirements. KOSTYRKA currently makes over 2,000 versions.

the principle

Clamping Sleeve with flange ring can be used for taking up Forces in axial direction and torques (clamping effect to the inside).
  1. Part to be clamped
  2. Seal
  3. Oil feed
  4. Venting
  5. Plastic jacket
  6. Slotted metal cylinder
  7. Flange

3. Expanding Sleeves with or without flange ring

KOSTYRKA® expanding sleeves with or without flange ring are based on the inverse of the clamping sleeves operating principle. The expanding sleeves slitted jacket is expanded by oil pressure. As a result, the surrounding table is, for example, securely and tightly clamped from the inside. 

KOSTYRKA® expanding sleeves and table clamps are individually designed and manufactured according to the required load capacity and the application conditions of the customer.

The Principle

Expanding sleeves with or without flange ring can be used for taking up Forces in axial direction and - in case - torques (clamping effect to the outside).
  1. Part to be clamped
  2. Seal
  3. Oil feed
  4. Venting
  5. Plastic jacket
  6. Slotted metal cylinder
  7. Flange


The principle

The individual elements of the fixture are composed of an axially adjustable piston rod in a housing. The rod can be clamped in any position via a KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeve. Depending on the drive concept for moving the piston rod, a distinction is made for the UHF (Universal Holding Fixture) elements between active (with drive) and passive elements. Diameter from 50 mm and stroke length up to 800 mm and over. The layout of the dimensions takes place through close teamwork with the customer in order to meet his desired criteria.

Component-dependent or universal:

When manufacturing free form parts, workpiece-dependent fixtures are often used today. This means the complete fixture must be changed each time the workpiece is changed. This in turn involves new design and production of the fixture, as well as storage, set-up and logistics costs. These are costs that can be saved in most cases. With a KOSTYRKA® UHF: The part is changed – the fixture remains.

Repeatable precision within a few µm

During a component change, the KOSTYRKA® Universal Holding Fixture is adjusted to the new part by repositioning its support and clamping elements. Depending on the size and structure of the component, hundreds of individual customisable component supports can be used for positioning and clamping. The absolute precision of the Universal Holding Fixture is especially impressive. It allows the positioning of the individual UHF elements with a precision to within 0.005 mm and repeating accuracy to within 0.002 mm.

Top quality for quality

This precision pays off. For the accuracy and quality of workpieces machined on a Universal Holding Fixture also reach a previously unknown level, as proved convincingly by example applications. This is also valid for thin-walled or unstable workpieces and for components that were previously difficult to clamp with conventional methods. KOSTYRKA® Universal Holding Fixtures are therefore especially well suited for the aircraft and aerospace industry, automobile construction when machining body parts and in many areas of metrology.

1. Housing
2. Ball support and suction cup
3. Cylindrical clamping sleeve
4. Hydraulic pressure intensifier and actuator