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RSP5 Seametrics Solar Panel

Solar Panel
The RSP5 solar panel makes it possible to use Seametrics flowmeters in remote applications where a reliable source of electricity is not available or practical. The RSP5 is intended for use with a standard 12V, 22-33 Amp-hour Sealed Lead Acid battery (not included). It comes standard with a charge controller and corrossion-resistant mounting hardware. The RSP5 can also be used to provide up to 40 day back up power supply for period of darkness.
  • 5 watt, 15 volt, 330 mA
  • Operates with deep cycle battery
  • 90-day power supply back-up
  • Charge controller included
  • Galvanized steel mounting hardware
• Includes 5 watt solar panel, mounting hardware, and 12V solar charge controller
• Reliable, maintenance-free operation
• Powers most Seametrics products with the addition of a low cost 22-33 Amp-hour Sealed Lead Acid battery

• Remote me tering applications where electricity is unavailable
• Back-up power supply for uninterrupted operation


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