Kofloc Mass Flow Meter 3760 Series

The Kofloc mass flow meter 3760 Series is a standard version compact, low-cost mass flow meter developed based on the Model 3660 Series. It has been developed as a standard model of various analyzers and vacuum equipment for research and development at universities and research institutes.
kofloc mass flow meter odel 3760


• Improved constant-current temperature difference detection type flow sensor for quick response
• The compact body permits installation at any location.

Standard Specification

specification model 3760


・Air sampling
・Analyzer component
・Biotechnological process
・Burn control
・CCFL manufacturing
・Chamber pressure control
・Chemical process
・Environment monitoring
・Electronic device manufacturing
・Food production
・Fuel cell testing
・Fermentation process
・Gas blending
・Gas distribution
・Gas flow monitoring
・Gas generation
・Industrial furnace
・Leak testing
・Pharmaceutical process
・Pollution monitoring
・Process flow control
・Solar power element manufacturing
・Secondary calibration reference
・Semiconductor process
・Surface treatment process
・Thermal flame spray
・Thin film manufacturing
・Vapor deposition


dimension kofloc 3760