Kofloc Mass Flow Controller

KOFLOC is a general manufacturer of precision flow controllers and produces mechanical float-type flow meters and valves, as well as electronic flow meters (mass flow controllers and mass flow meters).

KOFLOC mass flow measuring/ control technology based on mass flow meters and mass flow controllers has been used widely for the manufacture of semiconductors, liquid crystals, optical fibers, and other electronic devices; gas supply for fuel cells; combustion gas control for burners and the like; and for test, production, and inspection equipment in the food industry, biotechnology, and many other industries.

Kofloc Mass Flow Controller

In comparison with conventional mechanical products, mass flow measuring instruments offer more sophisticated flow measurement because they are not susceptible to temperature and pressure and they can pick up electric signals from the flow. KOFLOC manufactures a variety of products related to electronic flow meters (mass flow controllers and mass flow meters) and quickly releases new products.

Kofloc Mass Flow Controller Products :

Kofloc MODEL D8500 Kofloc Mass Flow Controller/Mass Flow Meter with Indicator

This mass flow controller/meter driven by a 24 VDC power supply has been developed as a successor to the MODEL 8300. The viewpoint change function of the display unit and the pattern setting function is unique to this model, and noise resistance has been improved dramatically. A sister the model with a detachable display and setting unit is also available.

Standard Mass Flow Controller  Kofloc MODEL 3660 Series

Kofloc Model 3660 Series Mass Flow Controller has been developed centering the focus on compactness and low cost and is being acclaimed by a wide range of users for diverse applications, including from laboratory research and development activities to the user as a standard mass flow control model for various types of analyzers and vacuum devices in the production line. Varieties of derived models and options are available.

High-grade Mass Flow Controller Kofloc  MODEL 3200 Series

Model 3200 Series Mass Flow Controller is an advanced model designed as a successor of the 3910 Series that enjoys wide use for diverse applications such as the manufacture of semiconductors, LCDs, combustion equipment, analytical devices, and biotechnology fields. Its high performance is equal to a new standard of KOFLOC.

Low-cost Metal Sealed Mass Flow Controller/Meter Kofloc MODEL 5400 Series

The Model 5400 Series is a successor to the Model 3440, with enhanced basic capabilities. The appearance is similar to conventional MFC. The sensor drive system is improved: the zero-drift is further reduced and the response in the lower range is improved. The Model 5410 Series is a mass flow meter with the same body design as that of the 5400 Series.

High-grade Metal Seal Flow Controllers Kofloc MODEL 5100 Series

Model 5100 Series Mass Flow Controller/Meter features weldless structure, metal seals, an accuracy of ≤±1%, a response of ≤±1 second and other basic performance conditions required for semiconductor process control, and additionally, has achieved a significant price reduction.

Low-cost Mass Flow Meter with Display Kofloc MODEL 3810DS II Series

The Model 3810DS II is a mass flow meter with a built-in display using a time-tested flow sensor. The 3810DS II displays total flow in addition to instantaneous flow, which is an improvement on the previous model 3810DS. Just like the 3810DS, the 3810DS II is also available with a flow sensor and precision needle valve built into one piece.

High-grade Mass Flow Meter Kofloc MODEL 3100 Series

The Model 3100 Series Mass Flow Meter is a new, advanced high-precision flowmeter developed based on the Model 3200 Series. The incorporated innovative capillary-type flow sensor reduces pressure loss and ensures high response as well as ensuring stability.

Standard Mass Flow Meter Kofloc MODEL 3760 Series

The Model 3760 Series is a compact, low-cost mass flow meter developed based on the Model 3660 Series. It has been developed as a standard model of various analyzers and vacuum equipment for research and development at universities and research institutes.

Low-cost Mass Flow Sensor Kofloc MODEL 3810S Series

Designed on the heritage base construction of the superior class bypass capillary type mass flow sensor, the Model 3810S Mass Flow Sensor centers the focus on the economy through a thorough effort towards streamlining with the view to built-in applications. The series is one of the KOFLOC best sellers and is used by many assembly manufacturers as a substitute for the existing float type (tapered pipe type) flow meter.

Low-cost Digital Mass Flow MeterKofloc  MODEL D3810 Series

The Model D3810 is a completely renovated digital mass flow meter designed on the basic structure of the existing KOFLOC Model 3810. Incorporating a CPU inside and is equipped with an innovative sensor, a single unit of this the new model covers a broad range of flows from very small to large.

Small Karman Vortex Flow Meter for Liquids FM0101/0102/0103/0105 Series

KOFLOC's Karman Vortex Flow Meter FM Series provides an ideal tool for measuring and monitoring liquid flows, including cooling water and cleaning water. Since PPS resin is used for the body material, all models of the series offer superior reliability and durability.

Small Karman Vortex Flow Meter for Liquids MODEL 31 (Teflon®/PFA) Series

The Model31 Karman Vortex Flow Meter employs the following principle for the measurement of flows: When a columnar object (an object that generates vortices) is placed in the flow path of a fluid, regular channels of vortices, called Karman vortex channels are generated at the back of the object.

Since the frequency of a vortex generated is linearly proportional to the flow velocity within a given range, the flow amount can be measured by counting the number of vortices. When the frequency of each vortex generated is detected by the incorporated vortex detector (piezoelectric device), the signal processing circuit outputs a signal which is linearly proportional to volume flow.

Flow Setting Device MODEL CK Series

These dial type devices generate 0 to 5-volt flow signals for mass flow controllers. Each dial scale has graduations from 000 to 999 to allow the user to set flow values in relation to the full scale. The series includes two types, CK-1A, and CK-2A according to the dial shape.

Compact Readout Unit Kofloc MODEL CR-400

The CR-400 readout unit, when connected to your mass flow controller or meter with a cable, provides the key mass flow functions, such as flow measurement and control as well as cumulative flow calculations and flow event outputs. This readout unit offers RS-485 communications capability, so multiple readout units can be controlled online by a host computer. * The CR-400 is fully compatible in size with the CR-300.

Compact Handy Mass Flow Control/Measurement Unit FLOW COMPO®

This is a compact handy flow control/measuring unit made by combining a compact DIN72 x72 power indicator [CR-300] and MFC/MFM.

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