Switch Gauge PGS23,100/160


  • Control and regulation of processes
  • Monitoring of plants and switching of circuits
  • For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallizing, also in aggressive environments
  • Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, power plants, mining, on-/offshore, environmental technology, machine building and general plant construction

Special features

  • Up to 4 switch contacts per instrument
  • Also available with case filling for high dynamic pressure loads or vibrations
  • Instruments with inductive contacts for use in hazardous areas with ATEX approval
  • Instruments with electronic contact for PLC applications
  • Instruments optionally available in safety version S3 
pressure switch dwyermodel pressure gauge dwyerpressure gauge dwyerpressure gauge with switch


Wherever the process pressure has to be indicated locally and, at the same time, circuits need to be switched, the model PGS23.1x0 switch GAUGE finds its use.

Switch contacts (electrical switch contacts) make or break an electric control circuit dependent upon the pointer position of the indicating measuring instrument. The switch contacts are adjustable over the full extent of the scale range (see DIN 16085), and are mounted predominantly below the dial, though also partly on top of the dial. The instrument pointer (actual value pointer) moves freely across the entire scale range, independent of the setting. The set pointer can be adjusted using a removable adjustment key in the window.

Switch contacts consisting of several contacts can also be set to a single set point. Contact actuation is made when the actual value pointer travels beyond or below the desired set point.

The pressure gauge is manufactured in accordance with DIN 16085 and fulfills all requirements of the relevant standards (EN 837-1) and regulations for the on-site display of the working pressure of pressure vessels. As switch contacts, magnetic snap-action contacts, reed switches, inductive contacts – for requirements to ATEX – or electronic contacts for triggering a PLC are available.