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IBS Batch Flow Controller


IBS Batch Control GMBH is one of the leading producers of intrinsically safe process control devices. We have a long term tradition and experience in process engineering for more than 25 years.
Our products are used in the international petrochemical, chemical, paint, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. We also sell our products to engineering companies and manufacturers of flow meters and mini plants, worldwide

210i"Batching and Loading Controller
"Batching Master 110i / 210i"
> Highest accuracy due to special ramping functions
> custody transfer proofed
> Different failure monitoring functions for a safe batching process
> Flow conversion functions between mass, volume and standard volume
> ATEX and NEPSI approval for using in the hazardous locations

Batch Controller / Batch Counter "BC 20"
> For batch applications in the safe area, e.g. in the food industries
> Intelligent batch overrun and under batch compensation function
> Flow control function and Modbus interface optional
> As 24 VDC or 100-240 VAC version available

Flow Computer "Pipeline Master 110i / 210i"
> For metering systems at pipelines or measuring points between companies
printout and storage of the counted values via the PCC 400
> Six counter blocks can work as batch counters or in time intervals
> Flow conversion function conform API 2540, tables A-C in metric units as 24 VDC or 100-240 VAC version available

Intrinsically safe process controller "CTR 210i"
> Indication: Set point, process variable, output signal,
manual/automatic mode, TAG-No., unit
> For using direct in the hazardous area zone 1
> Clearly arranged display and easy operation

PID Process Controller CTR 210

> For safe locations

Exi Bargraph Indicator BGI 210i
> Direct use in the hazardous area
> Three bargraph indication and one switchable digital indication
> Three analogue inuts 4 - 20 mA or Pt 100
> Two analague outputs 4 - 20 mA
> Six digital inputs
> Six digital outputs
> Six LED's for alarms
> Linearization functions for each input with 25 steps
> Free selectable function blocks with arithmetic functions
> Modbus interface

PID Process Controller CTR 210
The ATEX proofed recorder ExTrend 200i is designed for the visualisation of processes inside the hazardous area.Three or six universal analogue inputs are available for the following signals:
> 4-20 mA, passive (Option: aktiv)
> Pt 100, 3-wire connection
> Values written via Modbus 

Exi Bargraph Indicator BGI 210i
The chart recorder CR 200 is designed for visualisation of process information at safe area applications.
> Chart indication
> Bargraph indication
> Indication of digital values
> Alarm and batch lists
>Log file

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