GASTEC gas sensor detector

Although, technology is always evolving, one demand on our products never changes: the demand for customer safety. Whenever we contribute to customer safety, we are presented with an opportunity to develop further. GASTEC holds this corporate creed of safety and development in high esteem, as it strives to grow while always putting customer safety first.

GASTEC's simple measurement technology is also used to determine information concerning toxic gas generated in an emergency or in the event of a disaster, and supports the first step in the formulation of corrective measures in an emergency.

GASTEC's simple measurement technology is also used for measuring and analyzing gases at research institutes. It supports the foundations of research and development which open up the future of science and technology.

GASTEC's simple measurement technology is used in a variety of applications, such as control of health and safety, and also in various labor environments such as factories, energy plants, and worksites.


Gastec Gas Sensor

Gastec Gas Sensor

Oxygen Sensor

 Model : GOA-6H, GOA-2H, GOA-40D-4 / GOA-40D-III, GOA-25K, GOH-1A / GOC-1A, GOM-3A / GOMHC-3A , GO-25C-2, Fixed -formula type, GO-25KS, GOA-40D-5

Carbon Monixide Sensor

Model : CM-6A-2 / CM-6A, CM-6B, CM-2B, CM-3AH, GOMHC-3A, GOC-1A, CM-5A, CM-5B, CM-5C, CMCD-11, CM-525HB, CM-1050, CM-525LB, CM-2510, Fixed type, CM-600, CM-6000

Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor

Model : HS-6A, HS-2B, GOMHC-3A, GOH-1A, HS-5A, HS-5B, HS-5C, HSS-1050HL, HSS-1050HL, HS-1050 

Combustible Gas Sensor

Model : MA-2510 / GOM-3A / GOMHC-3A, MA-0510 / GOM-3AL

Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Model : CMCD-11

Gastec Gas Detector

 Oxygen Gas Detector

Model : GOA-6H/GOA-6H-S, GOA-40D-5

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

Model : CM-6B

Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Detector

Model : HS-6A/HS-6A-S

Combustible gas Detector

Model : MA-2510, MAM-2510, MA-0510

Multiple Gas Detector