KUM-IN Oil Skimmer


Our company has manufactured and exported quality oil/water separation equipment and associated products since 1989.

Especially our multiple-belt oil skimmers 'KOS-B-SR-MT series' are enjoying a good reputation among overseas and domestic steel and iron mill customers for the unique stable and state-of-the-art design based on the advanced technology through the continuous technical development supported by ample field expertise in the arena of oil-water separation of over 20 years.

Our OILSEIZER® products are briefly summarized as below:

1. Belt-Type Oil Skimmers Basic Model (Small Size O/W Separator included)
2. Belt-Type Oil Skimmers Model OSS-B (formerly Small Oil Skimmers)
3. Oil Scum Skimmer (formerly Scum Skimmer)
4. Multiple-Belt Oil Skimmer
5. Oil/Water Separators, Pack-Type
6. Integrated Oil/Water Separators, Pack-Type
7. Centrifugal Soild/Liquid Separators 'sludgeFREE'

Belt-Type Oil Skimmer (Basic Model)
> KOS-B0512, Capacity 23 l/h
> KOS-B1012, Capacity 45 l/h
> KOS-B1020, Capacity 75 l/h and 100 l/h
> KOS-B2020, Capacity 150 l/h and 200 l/h

Belt-Type Oil skimmer (formerly Small Oil Skimmer Series)
> OSS-B05, Capacity 8 l/h
> OSS-B10, Capacity 16 l/h

Oil Scum Skimmer (formerly Scum Skimmer)
> KOS-B0512SR, Capacity 23 l/h
> KOS-B1012SR, Capacity 45 l/h
> KOS-B1020SR, Capacity 75 l/h and 100 l/h
> KOS-B2020SR, Capacity 150 l/h and 200 l/h

Integrated Oil/Water Separator, Pack-Type (formerly Floating Oil Skimmer)
> KOWSI-0.3, Capacity 0.3 ton/h
> KOWSI-0.6,Capacity 0.6 ton/h
> KOWSI-1.2,Capacity 1.2 ton/h
> KOWSI-2.4,Capacity 2.4 ton/h
> KOWSI-4.8,Capacity 4.8 ton/h