MTL Encoder

MTL is a specialist manufacturer of rotary encoders.Our business includes the planning, design, manufacture, and sale of rotary encoders.We are able to respond to all of the needs of our customers including development of new products and modifications to existing products.We have a wide range of space-saving products such as extremely small, high resolution, and large caliber hollow shaft encoders. 
mtl encorder incremental

MTL Encorder Product as below

MTL rotary encoders are all based on space-saving design and available in many types from ultra-small types to high-resolution products.

Incremental Encorder

Abundant lineup, covering outer diameter Φ6 - Φ200mm, resolution 40P/R - 1,440,000P/R, and hollow diameter Φ5 - Φ90mm. Choose from single-shaft type, double-shaft type, tubular-shaft type, and hollow-shaft type. These attributes can be combined to suit diverse applications

ME Series

      • MES-3P
      • MES-3PST
      • MES-6-P
      • MES-6-PST
      • ME-9-P
      • ME-12-P
      • ME-17-P
      • ME-20-P
      • ME-30-P
      • MEH-30-T
      • MES-40-P
      • MES-45
      • ME-50-P
      • MEH-60-P
      • MEH-85-P
      • MEH-120-P
      • MEH-180-P 

MGH Series

      • MGH-20
      • MGH-30

MG Series

      • MG-20
      • MG-30

 Absolute Encorder

Choose from outer diameter Φ6 - Φ100mm, resolution 256 - 2,097,152 pulses, single-shaft type, tubular-shaft type, and hollow-shaft type.These attributes can be combined to suit diverse applications.

Single Turn Type

      • MAS-3 (MAS-3-4096N1)
      • MMS-10 Series
      • MAS-10 Series
      • MAS-14 Series
      • MA-17 Series
      • MAS-18 Series
      • MAH-19 Series
      • MA-20 Series
      • MAH-28 Series
      • MA-36-20bit Series
      • MA-36 Series
      • MA-42 Series
      • MAH-59 Series
      • MAH-85 Series

Multi Turn Type

      • MAS-36MT (MAS-36-1000MT-S)
      • MXH-36 (MXH-36-256-1024GC5N)
      • MXS-36 Series
      • MXS-42 Series

Wire-type linier scale

No linear scale guide rail etc. is required, usable for stroke length measurement of hydraulic cylinders etc. Mounting is simple, with only 2 points to fasten: The encoder body and the wire hook end.Provides digital display when combined with a display unit (DC Series).
  • MLS-12
  • MLS-30
  • MLS-37
  • MLS-45
  • MLS-50
  • MLA-17
  • MLA-30
  • MLA-37
  • MLA-42

Roller encorder/Counter

Roller encoder: Length measurement with resolution 1mm - 0.1mm is available with a roller of 200mm circumference.
Counter: Display unit and setting options
  • REH-30R
  • DC