Seametrics Single Jet Low Flow Meter SPT & SPX Series

Teflon Flow Meter (SPT)
Polypropylen Flow Meter (SPX)
Low Flow Meter
Single Jet Low Flow Meter
Turbine Paddle Flow Meter
Woltman Flow Meter

These versatile impeller flowmeters are availalble in 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” nominal pipe sizes with female NPT threads. They employ jewel bearings to allow for very low minimum flow rates and superior life.

The SPX, with a body of polypropylene, is an economical choice for metering water or low corrosion fluids. The lens cover is available in a choice of materials: acrylic for visual flow indication of low-corrosion fluids; polypropylene when more corrosion resistance is needed. The standard rotor assembly is Kynar® with tungsten carbide shaft. The O-ring is EPDM.

The SPT offers greater chemical resistance with a Teflon® body and cover, Teflon®-coated Viton® O-ring, and standard Kynar®/ceramic rotor assembly.

The pulse output of these meters is compatible with many different types of controls, including a full range of Seametrics rate displays and controls. The Seametrics FT430 and FT440 provide flow rate and total flow indication. The FT440 also includes 4-20 mA output capability. The FT450 is a battery-operated rate & total display. For metering pump pacing or interfacing with low speed counters, the PD10 pulse divider is recommended. The AO55 may be used for blind 4-20 mA transmission


  • Low flow, chemical resistant flow meter in sizes 3/8″ to 1″
  • Versatile square-wave signal connects to PLC's, counters, and Seametrics controls
  • Only one moving part
  • Sight flow indication
  • Replaceable non-wetted solid-state pickup
  • Wide flow range
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  • Low flow monitoring
  • Chemical batching
  • Proportional chemical injection
  • Fertilizer injection


Connection Ports3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” —Female NPT thread3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” —Female NPT thread
Sensor Cable18 ft (6 m) standard—maximum cable run 2000 ft (607 m)18 ft (6 m) standard—maximum cable run 2000 ft (607 m)
MaterialsBodyPolypropylene TFE Teflon®
RotorPVDF (Kynar®)—2 magnet(6 magnet high resolution optional PVDF (Kynar®)—2 magnet(6 magnet high resolution optional
ShaftNickel tungsten carbide(ceramic or silicon carbide optional) Zirconia ceramic(silicon carbide optional
O-RingEDPM (Viton® or Teflon®-coated Viton® optional) Teflon®-coated Viton®(Viton® or EDPM optional)
BearingsRuby ring and ball Ruby ring and ball
CoverAcrylic with clear lens(polypropylene without clear lens optiona TFE Teflon®
Maximum Temperature160 ̊ F (70 ̊ C) 180 ̊ F (82 ̊ C)
Maximum Pressure150 psi (10 bar) 150 psi (10 bar)
Accuracy±1% of full scale ±1% of full scale
PowerStandard6–36 Vdc, 2 mA min. 6–36 Vdc, 2 mA min.
Micropower3.1–16 Vdc (for use with FT450 and DL76 only) 3.1–16 Vdc (for use with FT450 and DL76 only)
OutputsCurrent sinking pulse, 6–24 Vdc Current sinking pulse, 6–24 Vdc