Kofloc VN Series Compact Electromagnetic Flowsensor

VN Series is an electromagnetic flow sensor designed for small pipe diameter and low flow.


  • Electromagnetic flow sensor without moving parts suitable for use in machines.
  • With absence of moving parts, there is less failure due to its contaminants.
  • Low-pressure loss
  • No straight pipe required, compact design, and easy to install.


Model VN05R VN10R VN20R
Nominal Diameters 5mm 10mm 20mm
Accuracy-Guaranteed Flow Range 0.05~1L/min 0.5~10L/min 3.0~60L/min
Maximum Operating Flow Rate 3L/min 25L/min 100L/min
Low Flow Cutoff 0.025L/min 0.25L/min 1.5L/min
(Liquid Temp. at
Frequency Pulse ±2.5%RS (20% ~ 100% of maximum flow rate) ±0.5%FS (5% ~ 20% of maximum flow rate) *1
Unit Pulse ±2.0%RS (20% ~ 100% of maximum flow rate) ±0.4%FS (5% ~ 20% of maximum flow rate) *1
Type of Fluid Conductive fluid that does not corrode the material contacting to fluid (ex. cold/hot water)
Fluid Conductivity Range 50μS/cm or more
Fluid Temperature Range 0~+60℃ (No freezing)
Ambient Temperature / Humidity Temperature: -20~+60℃ Humidity: 35~85%RH (No condensation)
Storage Ambient Temperature Range -20~+70℃
Working Pressure 1MPa or less
Pressure Loss 20kPa or less
Output 1 *3 Spec. of Output NPN open collector Current capacity: 20mA DC or less / Voltage: 30V DC or less /
ON-time residual voltage: 1V or less
Minimum pulse ON-time 2.5 ms (at 200 Hz frequency pulse) Duty ratio: 50%
Frequency Pulse *2 Standard 200.0Hz
(Settable in steps of 0.1Hz between 20 and 400Hz upon delivery)
Note: When connecting ASI-100, select 200.0 Hz for output 1.
Unit Pulse 0.001L/P (Standard) 0.01L/P (Standard) 0.1L/P (Standard)
Alarm *4 Selectable between Normal Open (Standard) and Normal Close
Details of alarm (Excitation error / Memory error / Low source voltage / Dry moisture /
Excessive fluid noise / Excessive flow rate / Reverse flow)
Switch Selectable between Normal Open (Standard) and Normal Close
Output 2 *3 Spec. of Output Same as Output 1
Unit Pulse Same as Output 1
Alarm *4 Same as Output 1
Note: When connecting ASI-100, select Alarm for output 2
Switch Same as Output 1
Response *3 63% response Dampling time: 2s (Standard) Settable in steps of 1s from 1~99s upon delivery
Cable Cable length: Approx. 500mm 4 core AWG28 Outer diameter: φ2.8 with a shield
LED Display One LED display in the main body
Green: Flow rate display in 3-step speed
Red: NG status is displayed with number of blinks
Installation Position Free (Air intrusion shall be avoided.)
Piping Connection R1/4 R1/2 R1
Protection Level Indoor use (Equivalent to IP65.)
Power Supply *5 12~24V DC±10%
Consumption Current 100mA DC or less
Weight Approx. 190 g Approx. 190 g Approx. 290 g
Wetted Materials Body Case PPS
Electrode SUS316L
Earth Ring SUS316
O-Ring FKM

*1:Accuracy is guaranteed value of average value accumulated for 240s.
*2:Indicates the frequency at the maximum guaranteed flow rate.
*3:For the set value and choice of Output 1 and Output 2, all are factory setting. The setting cannot be changed after installation.
*4:Alarm is selectable only either one of Output 1 or Output 2.
*5:Using isolated power supply and connecting one power supply device per VN flow sensor are recommended

Download Datasheet: Kofloc VN Electromagnetic Flow Meter