VF-5200 Series Air Velocity, Flow, and Differential Manometer

VF-5204 Low Range Manometer ( ±70mbar ) VF-5205 High Range Manometer ( ±1000mbar ) VF-5204+(Low Air Velocity/Air Flow/ Differential Manometer) VF-5205+(High Air Velocity/Air Flow/ Differential Manometer)
VF-5200 Series Air Velocity, Flow, and Differential Manometer


  • Anemometer measurements for Air Velocity, Air Flow and Wind Pressure (VF-5200+ series)
  • Manometer (Differential Pressure) Measurements
  • 8 selectable units of pressure measurement
  • ±0.25% F.S High accurate
  • Fine ZERO & SPAN adjustments and ZERO setting
  • USB / RS-232 Output
  • Large LCD display with backlighting
  • Data hold and Auto power off functions
  • IP65,CE and RoHS approved


  • Clean room
  • Compression cooling systems
  • Air filter monitoring
  • Pumps
  • Fan control
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Hospital
  • Duct airflow
  • Differential pressure monitoring
  • HVAC
  • etc.


Model No.
VF-5204 / VF-5204+
VF-5205 / VF-5205+
Measuring Range
VF-5204: 70 mba
VF-5204+105 m/s (Air Velocity)
2,006,793 CFM (Air Flow)
VF-5205: 1000 mba
VF-5205+400 m/s (Air Velocity)
3,2761000 CFM (Air Flow)
Area : 00.01ft²/0.001m² *
Air Flow : 1CFM/1CMM
Temperature : 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Air Velocity : 0.1m/s,1FPM, 0.01Km/h, 0.01Knots, 0.01MPH
Differential Pressure : 1Pa, ±0.0001PSI, ±0.01mbar, 0.0001bar, 0.01mmH2O, 0.001inH2O, 0.001mmHg, 0.0001inHg
Area : 00.01ft²/0.001m² *
Air Flow : 1CFM/1CMM
Temperature : 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Air Velocity : 0.1m/s, 1FPM, 0.1Km/h, 0.1Knots, 0.1MPH
Differential Pressure : 10Pa, ±0.001PSI,  ±0.1mbar, 0.001bar, 1mmH2O, 0.1inH2O, 0.1mmHg, 0.001inHg
Accuracy (at 25°C)
±0.25% F.S, TEB<1 :="" band="" error="" nbsp="" span="" total="">
Area Setting *
Max. 9.289m² / 99.99ft² (For Air Flow measurement) *Area : Pipeline Cross – sectional area.
Measurement Unit
Pipeline Cross – sectional area: ft², m²
Temperature : °C, °F
Air Flow : CFM, CMM (VF-5204+/ VF-5205+)
Air Velocity : m/s, FPM(ft/min), Km/h, Knots, MPH (VF-5204+/ VF-5205+)
Differential Pressure : Pa, PSI, mbar, bar, mmH2O, inH2O, mmHg, inHg
Media Compatibility
Dry air or non-corrosive gases and liquids
Display Functions
Digital LCD display : Differential Pressure, Air Velocity, Air Flow, Temp., Measurement Unit
Sampling Rate
Approx. 0.5 sec.
Output Signal
Digital Output : RS-232 / Modbus RTU protocol
(Differential Pressure, Air Flow, Air Velocity, Temp., Max., Min., Avg. simultaneously)
Temp. compensation
0~+60°C (+32°F ~ +140°F) Auto.
Main Functions
IP65 water and dust proof, Air Flow/Air Velocity/Wind Pressure measurements,
Fine ZERO & SPAN adjustments, ZERO setting, Max./Min./Avg. values, Data hold,
Switchable°C/°F, USB/RS-232 output, LED back-light, Auto/Manual shutdown,
Fine Area adjustment
Baud Rate
Operating Environment
-10 ~ +60°C (+14 ~ 140°F), 0~95%RH non-condensing
Power Supply
One 9 V battery or AC Adaptor (option)
Dimensions / Weight
150(L) × 75(W) × 28(D)mm (5.91 × 2.96 × 1.11 inches), Not including the pressure hose connector Approx. 250g (battery included)
RoHS, CE, IP65