A+ Corporation Genie Supreme Model 133 Membrane Separator

 The Genie® Supreme Model 133 Membrane Separator can remove 100% of entrained liquid and particulates in gas samples, including aerosols. Unlike coalescing filters that may allow aerosols to pass through the filter element and become re-entrained.

Genie® Supreme Model 133 Membrane Separator rejects aerosols on the surface of their membrane where they are removed through a drain/bypass. Only the gas sample will flow through the membrane to the analyzers, protecting them and other sampling components against liquid damage.

A+ Corporation Genie Supreme Model 133 Membrane Separator

The Genie® Supreme Model 133 Membrane Separator combines your favorite features of the legacy Genie® Model 130 with the improved features of the Supreme Series™, including a threaded cover for easy maintenance and the option of Liquid Block Technology™ that prevents liquid from being forced across the membrane.

The Genie® Supreme Model 133 Membrane Separator has the same flow rate capacity as the Genie® Supreme Model 123 with a larger inlet cavity making it better suited for use in sampling applications where there is a significant amount of liquid present in the sample gas.

The Genie® Supreme Model 133 Membrane Separator can be mounted before a sample pump or analyzer to protect them from damage caused by liquids. It can also be probe mounted at the sample extraction point to prevent liquid from entering the sample system at locations where there is too much liquid entrained in the source to use a membrane tip probe. The 133 is a key component in our Process Gas Sample System.

To achieve the maximum recommended flow rate through a Genie 133 with the Liquid Block option, at least 30 psi of pressure the difference is required between the inlet and outlet ports if the Genie contains a Type 6 membrane or at least 5 psi for a Type 7.


  • Proven Genie® Membrane Technology™
  • Optional Liquid Block Technology™
  • Unique housing design
  • Large internal volume for increased liquid tolerance


  • Probe mounting

    • Prevents sample system contamination
    • Eliminates the need for a bypass or drain
  • Mounting upstream of analyzer or pump

    • Protects the analyzer from damage
    • Improves reliability
    • Decreases maintenance time and cost


Maximum pressure rating3,000 psig (206.8 barg)   Probe Assembly: 2,500 psig (172.4 barg)
Maximum Liquid Block™2,000 psig (137.9 barg)
valve auto-reset pressureSlowly open the supply pressure so that the minimum differential pressure
 required to shut off the Liquid Block™ is not met or exceeded.
Temperature rangeType 6 membrane: -15ºF (-26.1ºC) to 185ºF (85ºC)
 *Type 7 membrane: -15ºF (-26.1ºC) to 300ºF (149ºC)
 *Actual limit depends on sealing material chosen.
 Refer to Temperature Range Comparison Chart.
Maximum Recommended Flow RateType 6 Best Rejection: 5.4 SLPM (11.4 SCFH)
Results in approx. 2 PSI pressure differential.Type 7 Highest Temps: 7.1 SLPM (15.0 SCFH)
For higher flow rates, contact the factory. 
Bypass flow ratesThe requirement varies with application
Port sizesInlet, Outlet, & Bypass: 1/4” female NPT
Internal volume (cc)Total: 43.7, 44.9
Listed with and withoutUpstream of the membrane: 40
Liquid Block™ respectivelyDownstream of the membrane: 3.7, 4.9
Wetted materialsMachined parts: 316/316L stainless steel / NACE compliant
 All other metal parts: stainless steel / NACE compliant
 Sealing material: User-defined
 Membrane: Inert

Ref: geniefilters.com
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