Analytical Industries Oxygen Analyzers for Industrial Gases

 High-accuracy oxygen analyzers for monitoring gas in industrial processes where trace oxygen from low parts per million to pure O2 has to be precisely measured. Utilizing AII’s high performance galvanic oxygen sensors these advanced instruments are simple to use with a common, across-the-range chassis, HMI and menu structure, so an operator only needs to learn operation of just one instrument for multiple gas analysis applications at various oxygen levels. Available as bench-, 19" rack-, panel- and wall-mounted for flexible installation.

As standard the GPR-1600 has an integral bypass sample system. The analyzer can be temporarily exposed to ambient air to perform a span calibration (20.9% O2).
Options: External bypass system, Heated sample system
Measurement ranges: 0-10 ppm, up to 0-1% O2 (0- 25% for calibration only).


The GPR-2600 is an ideal instrument to monitor oxygen in applications which involve purging from ambient air to low percentage levels of oxygen with a variety of gases.
Options: Heated sample system
Measurement ranges: 0-1% up to 0-25% O2fGPR-3100

The GPR-3100 is fitted with a temperature controlled sample handing system to provide an isothermal environment for the sample for increased accuracy.
Measurement ranges: 0-100% up to 90-100% O2


Analytical Industries Oxygen Analyzers for Industrial Gases

  • Easy to use HMI
  • High accuracy ( ±0.02 ppm in lowest range)
  • Four measurement ranges with manual or auto-ranging
  • 24 month sensor life with normal usage
  • Sample in CO2 backgrounds with XLT sensor
  • Bench, rack or wall mounting options
  • Two Alarms
  • Integrated bypass valve (for GPR-1600)
  • Easy access and sensor replacement
  • Easy to use HMI


  • Purity of product in industrial gas manufacture
  • Trace oxygen in hydrogen generation by electrolysis
  • Monitoring oxygen generators
  • Measuring oxygen in metallurgical processesheat treatment and annealing
  • Gas measurement in poultry stunners
  • Analysis of gas in double glazing manufacture


Measurement range0-10, 0-100, 0-1000 ppm, 0-1%
(0-25% calibration only)
0-1%, 0-5%, 0-10%, 0-25%0-100%, plus suppressed zero ranges.
50, 80, or 90-100%
Accuracy< ±2% of range
±0.1% at constant conditions after calibration with 95-100% oxygen (GPR-3100)
Response timeT90 < 10 secondsT90 < 13 seconds
Recovery Time60 sec in air to < 10 ppm in < 1 hour on N2 purgeNot applicable
Sensitivity (LDL)50 ppb50 ppm0.1% oxygen
Linearity< 0.5% of scale
Sensor model


XLT-12-333 for gas mixture with > 0.5% CO2


XLT-11-24-4 for gas mixture with > 0.5% CO2

Sensor life at 25°C and 1 atm24 months in < 1000 ppm O2GPR-11-32-4 32 months; XLT-11-24-4 24 months24 months in 100% oxygen
Calibration intervalTypically: 1-3 months
Inlet pressure0.34 - 2 barg (5-30 psig) with atmospheric vent248 bar g (3600psig)
Flow rate0.5 - 1.0 l/m (1-2 SCFH)
Gas connections1/4" compression tube fittings
DisplayGraphical LCD 12.7 x 7cm (5 x 2.75"); resolution 0.01
EnclosurePainted aluminum
See individual mounting options for dimensions
CompensationBarometric pressure and temperature;
Temperature controlled sample system and sensor (GPR-3100 only)
Analog output4-20 mA isolated, 0-1V, and 0-5V
Range ID1-5 V or 4-20mA, optional relay contacts
CommunicationsChoose from RS485, RS232 or USB
AlarmsTwo user-adjustable alarm relays
Operating temperatureGPR sensor: 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
XLT sensor: -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F)
PowerUniversal 100-240 V AC

Download Datasheet : Analytical Industries Oxygen Analyzers for Industrial Gases

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