APG Explosion Proof Resistive Float Level Transmitter RP

APG Explosion Proof Resistive Float Level Transmitter RP

The Series RPX Hazardous Location and RPE General Use Resistive-Chain Probe Level Sensors are designed for use in the chemical, oil, shipping, food processing, waste treatment, and many other industries. Each RP is manufactured to the user’s specifications, making it fit to work precisely according to the application requirements.

Float level probe for small tanks. Every bit as durable as it's bigger brother, the RPM, the RP is designed for smaller tanks, up to 8 ft. (RPX) or 12.75 ft. (RPE) in height.

Custom Made

The RP level probe is fully customizable. From stem, or probe, length to float size and specific gravity, the RP level float will be tailored to your exact application needs.


This float level sensor is installed in some of the toughest applications in the world. The RP probe features superior quality, and high chemical compatibility to endure almost any level measurement application.

Linear Simplicity

The RP probe makes level control easy. With simple “float-goes-up, float-goes-down” operation, this liquid level probe is far less prone to interruptions in performance or accuracy.


  • Continuous level indication
  • Durable float matched to liquid specific gravity
  • Resistive chain or loop powered 4-20 mA output
  • RPX hazardous location approvals - Explosion proof, Intrinsically safe, Non-incendive


  • C I, D 1 Hazardous Locations
  • Mud Tanks/Pits
  • Thick, Viscous, Sludgy Fluids
  • Wastewater
  • Sewage
  • Mixed Effluent


Resolution0.25 in. (6 mm)
Accuracy±0.12 in. (±3 mm)


Supply Voltage4-20 mA output: 12-24 VDC
 Resistive output: 5-15 or 5-24 VDC
Typical Current (Resistive)I = Supply VDC / (45Ω * Probe Length in Inches)


Output4-20 mA; Resistive
Internet ConnectivityRST-5003 (4-20 mA output only)
MaterialsStem: 316L SS
 Floats: 316L SS or Buna
HousingRPX: Aluminum Die Cast; 3/4" NPT cable entry
 RPE: Large Alum Die Cast; 3/4" NPT cable entry
 Small Alum Die Cast; 3/4" NPT cable entry
 Small Nylon; 1/2" NPT cable entry
 No housing


Operating TemperatureRPE: -40° - 85°C (-40° - 185°F)
 RPX: -40° - 40°C (-40° - 104°F), or -40° - 85°C (-40° - 185°F)
Enclosure RatingsRPX/RPE Large Alum: NEMA 4 & 7, IP65
 RPE Small Alum: NEMA 4X, IP68
 RPE Small Nylon: IP65
Pressure Rating72.5 psi (5 bar)

Download Data Sheet: Explosion Proof Resistive Float Level Transmitter RP

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