APG Industrial Pressure Transducers with Millivolt Output PT-L9/L13/L14

APG Industrial Pressure Transducers with Millivolt Output PT-L9/L13/L14

There are a few different methods of mounting the sensing element to the pressure transmitter diaphragm. Each has it’s own set of pros and cons. For example, some perform better in low pressure environments, others in high pressure. We’ll use the best method according to the configuration of your sensor. Once the measurement is taken, the transmitter conditions the signal to the output you have chosen and sends it off to your control system.

Our millivolt output transducers are the economical answer for all general purpose measurements where a cost-effective, high reliability unit is required. The PT-L9/L13/L14 pressure transducers offer ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi, single piece stainless steel construction, and a tamper-resistant body design. Super compact, millivolt output. These inexpensive, super compact pressure transducers have a millivolt output and fit just about anywhere. These super compact pressure transmitters produce an un-amplified mV/V output. 0-15 PSI, Absolute Pressure Reference, 1/4” NPTM, 316L SS, 5 ft. cable

Super Compact

The PT-L9/L13/L14 pressure sensors lack any electronics for programming, simply producing a millivolt output. This results in a super compact transducer that fits just about anywhere.

Very Low Cost

The simplicity of the PT-L9/L13/L14 pressure transducers means low prices for you.

Stainless Steel Construction

These sensors are built to last with your choice of 15-5 or 316L SS, for greater durability against dings and bumps, and greater chemical compatibility.


  • Cost effective
  • Optional extended temperature compensation
  • Stainless steel process fitting and sensor



Pressure RangeUp to 10,000 psi
AccuracyB.F.S.L. ≤ 0.25% of full scale
 NIST up to ± 0.1% available in select ranges
Temperature Compensation RangeUp to -40 to 180° F (-40 to 82° C)


Supply Voltage10 VDC


Outputs10, 3, or 5 mV/V


Wetted Material15-5 SS or 316L SS


Operating Temperature-40 to 180° F (+50 to 82° C)

Download Data Sheet: Industrial Pressure Transducers with Millivolt Output PT-L9/L13/L14

Ref: apgsensors.com