APG IP65 Digital Pressure Gauge with 5.5" Display PG10

The PG10 digital pressure gauge gives you true at-a-glance readability with the large 5-digit display and 270º radial bar graph. Built-in datalogging headlines a long list of standard functions. Large display for readability at-a-glance. The PG10 is our additional feature gauge with a large, 5-digit display, 270° radial bar, datalogging, and optional solid-state or SPDT mechanical relays. With a large display and a 270° radial bar graph, the Series PG10 IP65 Digital Pressure Gauge with 5.5" Display is our most full-featured gauge with the longest battery life.


With a large, 5-digit display, 0.68 in. characters, and a 270° radial bar graph, the series PG10 pressure gauges give you true at-a-glance readability.

Feature Rich

Based on the PG gauge platform, series PG10 feature standard functions such as tare, peak hold, max-min, and selectable units of measure. In addition, you get data-logging, and optional solid-state or SPDT mechanical relays.

Digital Accuracy

Unlike cheap dial gauges, digital pressure gauges eliminate the guesswork with high accuracy and resolution for exact measurements you can trust.

Calibration Services

NIST Certificates and Re-Calibration

When purchasing your series PG10 IP65 digital pressure gauge, or any other pressure transmitter, ask for a NIST certificate for the standard 0.25% accuracy, or for 0.1% accuracy. We can also provide NIST certificates for your regular factory re-calibration.


  • Large, full 5-digit display with 0.68 in. characters
  • Available ranges from vacuum up to 10,000 psi
  • Tare, Peak Hold, Max/Min, and data-logging functions standard
  • ±0.25% accuracy of full scale
  • User selectable units of measure (psi, kPa, mmHg, cmHg, mbar, bar, inH2O, ftH2O, kg/cm2, lbf)
  • Available RS-485/Modbus Output



Pressure RangeUp to 10,000 psi
Accuracy± 0.25% of full scale
 NIST up to ± 0.1% available in select ranges


External Power9-28 VDC
Batteries2 C alkaline batteries for 8,000 hours or 2 lithium batteries for 12,000 hours


Outputs4-20mA, 0-2 VDC, 0-5 VDC
 Solid State Relays
 SPDT Mechanical Relays
 APG Modbus (RTU)/RS-485
Internet Connectivity4-20mA with RST-5003
 Modbus with RST-5003 or LOE


HousingWeather-resistant injected molding phenolic
Wetted-materials316L SS

Download Data Sheet: IP65 Digital Pressure Gauge with 5.5" Display PG10

Ref: apgsensors.com