Bamo Conductivity / Resistivity BAMOPHAR 323

Bamo Conductivity / Resistivity BAMOPHAR 323

The device is equipped with a color touch screen for the display of a multilingual menu friendly and intuitive. It provides easy reading of measurement, temperature and state of the thresholds. It displays a menu with all parameters for configuration of analogue outputs, thresholds set up and regulation mode. In order to facilitate its commissioning, a programming menu can simulate the measurement, acting on the analog outputs, as well as on the thresholds.

Associated measuring cells have cell factors from 0.01 up to 10 for accurate measurements between 0 to 2 µS/cm and 20 mS/cm or O to 200 Ω.cm and 200 MΩ.cm . BAMOPHAR 323 displays an absolute or compensated temperature measurement (Access to two reference charts: 20 °C and 25 °C).

An extension terminal (wall, panel or DIN rail mounting):

  • Allows a second measuring parameter (pH, flow-rate, turbidity, etc.) Data from this blind unit are displayed on the main unit
  • Connected to main unit via a 4 wire shielded cable (Cable length between both devices: max. 500 m) • RS422 and Data Logger of main unit are shared between both units.


  • Color touch screen
  • Programmable ranges:
    • From 0-200 Ω .cm up to 0-200 MΩ .cm
    • From 0-2 µS/cm up to 0-20 mS/cm
  • Associated measuring cells: Cell factors: 10 - 1 - 0.1 - 0.01
  • Temperature compensation Automatic or manual compensation
  • 2 outputs 0/4-20 mA, configurable
  • 4 relays (Thresholds, alarm)
  • Options:
    • RS422/ J-BUS + LOGGER
    • Extension terminal for 2nd measuring parameter


In combination with one of our conductivity cells, BAMOPHAR 323 is designed for conductivity or resistivity measurements.


  • Conductivity on drinkable and ground water
  • Conductivity in cooling tower
  • Resistivity on demineralized water
  • Control of ultra pure water production units


End-user interfaceColor touch screen 4.3'', resolution 480x272 pixels
 Display of measurements, menus, temperature, relay status
 Configuration: Keyword protected
Measuring rangeFrom 0-2 µS/cm up to 0-20 mS/cm or from 200 Ω.cm up to 200 MΩ.cm
Accuracy±0.3 %; ±0.3 °C
Connection of probeWith a BNC connector
Temperature compensationAutomatic with built-in Pt 100 sensor, from 0 to 100 °C
 Manually between 0 and 100 °C
Relay outputs4 contacts, N.O., potential free
Configurable thresholdsS1, independent threshold, to set up for measurement or temperature
 S2, independent threshold, to set up for measurement or temperature
 S3, independent threshold, to set up for measurement or temperature or external function
 S4, to set up for alarming function: out of range or broken cable
HysteresisTo set up between 0 and 100 % on S1, S2 and S3
Contact Initial resistance100 mΩ max. (voltage drop 6 V DC 1 A)
Switching power831VAAC/3A/277VAC


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