Bamo Dissolved Oxygen Monitor BAMOPHAR 451

Bamo Dissolved Oxygen Monitor BAMOPHAR 451
Dissolved Oxygen Monitor BAMOPHAR 451[/caption]

In association with the probe AQUAPLUS, BAMOPHAR 451 allows the user to continuously measures the oxygen content dissolved in the water. With this complete system, atmospheric pressure, temperature and water conductivity are taken into account to display a reliable and accurate measurement. BAMOPHAR is equipped with a color touch screen for the display of a multilingual menu friendly and intuitive.

The reading is easy for measurement, temperature and relay status. In order to facilitate its commissioning, a programming menu can simulate the measurement, acting on analogue outputs and thresholds. The measured value of dissolved oxygen and temperature can be continuously transmitted through the 4-20 mA outputs.

A complete system includes:

  • 1 Monitor BAMOPHAR 451
  • 1 probe AQUAPLUS
  • 1 Probe holder for immersion, PVC, Ø 50 mm
  • 1 Cable to connect the holder to the monitor

BAMOPHAR 451 is extremely versatile by use of various parameters for control and regulation on thresholds, temperature correction and alarms.

An extension terminal (wall, panel or DIN rail mounting):

  • Allows a second measuring parameter (pH, flow-rate, conductivity, etc.) (Data from this blind unit are displayed on the main unit)
  • Connected to main unit with 4-wire shielded cable (Cable length between both devices: max. 500 m)


  • Dissolved oxygen measurement
  • Scales: 0.01 to 50 mg/l or 0 to 500 %
  • 1 Input for AQUAPLUS probe
  • 2 Analogue outputs 0/4-20mA
  • 4 Relay outputs (Thresholds and alarm)
  • OPTION: Extension terminal for 2nd measuring parameter


BAMOPHAR 451 offers a reliable and accurate measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in water treatment process:

  • WWTP survey (e.g. aerated basin)
  • Rivers and lakes
  • Fish farming


End-user interfaceColor touch screen 4.3'', resolution 480x272 pixels
 Display of measurements (D.O. concentration and temperature) and relay status
 Configuration - Keyword protected
Measuring scales0to 500 % or 0.01 to 50 mg/l
AccuracySee details on data-sheet 451-01, AQUAPLUS probe
Sensor signal inputScrew terminals - digital signal
Relay outputs4 contacts N.O., voltage free
Configurable thresholdsS1, independent threshold, to set up for measurement or temperature
 S2, independent threshold, to set up for measurement or temperature
 S3, independent threshold, to set up for measurement or temperature or an external function
 S4, threshold, to set up for alarming function, out of range, temperature sensor defect,
 or probe cleaning mode
Contact initial resistance100 mΩ max. (voltage drop 6 V DC 1 A)
Switching power831VAAC/3A/277VAC
Switching capacity (min.)100 mA, 5 V DC (variable according to switching frequency, environmental conditions, accuracy)
Impulse regulationCycle time setting from 0 to 9999 s, high and low proportional bandwidths, high and low dead zones
PID RegulationAdjustable proportionality from 0 to 200%, Integrant and Derivative: 0 to 999 s
Calibration routineRelay outputs inhibited; Analogue outputs on standby at latest values
Auto-cleaning menuSettings of frequency and duration, relay outputs inhibited, analogue outputs on standby at latest values
Measurement output0/4 - 20 mA (max. 600 Ω) proportional to measurement
Temperature output / PID0/4-20 mA (max. 600 Ω), scaling 0...100°C
 This temperature output is not available when PID regulation function is operating.
Program TestingSimulation through the menu on measurement, temperature, PID and thresholds
Main power supply230 V AC / 50-60 Hz (others on request) - Consumption 10 VA
ModelsPanel mounting, 96x144 mm; screw terminals, Front IP65, rear IP40
 Wall mounting, IP65, screw terminals, cable glands
Data LoggerRecord of cycle average measurement (programmable)
 150 000 records max. on memory card.

Download Data Sheet: Dissolved Oxygen Monitor BAMOPHAR 451


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