Bamo Level Leak Detector MAXITOP LW C

Level Leak Detector MAXITOP LW C

 Level Leak Detector MAXITOP LW C

Bamo Measures Sas has been founded in 1978. Its capital is now 400 000 Euros. Since the beginning, the company has undergone a rapid development centring on industrial pH-meters and conductivity meters. Bamo is now well-known as a leader on the French market.

Since 1990, new developments in the Level Measure have given a new spring in the export. To its own production range, the company holds numerous agencies of foreign companies in Europe and all over the world. So we are offering a complete line with always the best possible service.

Bamo is a company that comes from France. This company selling some product. The product of Bamo such as pH and ORP; Chlorine, disinfection; Data processors; Conductivity; Water hardness; Turbidity; Oxygen; Level; Temperature; Flow; Pressure; Plastic valves; Metal valves.

Level Leak Detector MAXITOP LW C

The detector MAXITOP is designed to detect the presence of liquids (acids, alkalis) with a reactance below 5 kOhm and a coupling capacitance towards ground of more than 50 pF. In no case should liquids form insulating or conductive deposits.

The MAXITOP LW C has 4 different possible interfacing connections

  • Direct connection to a 4 channels alarm unit MAXIMAT TC4 or 1 channel unit MAXIMAT TC1
  • Direct connection to a PLC
  • For relay output and loop diagnostic with a MAXIMAT SHR
  • For relay output with a MAXIMAT CST


  • Capacitance detection loop
  • For aggressive and conductive liquids
  • Fail safe; Auto-diagnostic with SHR relay
  • Wet parts in plastic materials
  • Safe: no electrode touching the fluid


With its integrated positive safety converter, the MAXITOP is ideal to give an alarm when a leakage occurs from storage tank for electrically conductive, non-flammable liquids, even highly aggressive liquids.

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Power supply15 ... 27 V DC
Consumption< 1 W
Operating pressureAtmospheric 0.8 to 1.1 bar
ProbeHD-PE, O.D. 40 or 25 mm
Suspension cableShielded cable, PVC sheath, standard length 6 m,
 5-wire, 0.34 mm²
Head housingPBT, fiber glass reinforced,
 IP 65 according EN 60 529
ConnectorsScrew terminals, wire Max. 2.5 mm²
InputFor external button switch to test the complete system
Signaling displayGreen LED on the terminals board
OutputReed contact, potential free, for low voltage
 Rated: 50 V AC/DC; 0.5 A; 10 VA
HysteresisAbout 2 mm
Switching contactLiquid height Min. 5 mm

Download Data Sheet: Level Leak Detector MAXITOP LW C